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18 December, 2019

Primary Assembly Presents: Macbeth by Year 5

Primary Assembly Presents: Macbeth by Year 5 Year 5 Students studied William Shakespeare's Macbeth, and prepared a dynamic presentation for the Primary Assembly.

Year 5 Students has been studying William Shakespeare's Macbeth during Term 1, and prepared a dynamic presentation for students and parents at the Primary Assembly.

As a class, they have analysed features of playscripts, created their own and added extra scenes to Macbeth  which are on display in the classroom.


They then proceeded to choose and plan the final scenes, came up with their own choreography, practiced stage blockings and shot videos to add to the production and bring ‘Macbeth’ to life for the children and parents of NAIS Manila.

When they took to the stage, the children sang and spoke clearly and confidently.

The audience were very much entertained and appreciated the use of video, choice songs and dances which livened up the production. 

But most importantly, it was evident that the class enjoyed performing and being on the stage.

Thanks to all parents for supporting with the costumes.

And fortunately too, Year 5 was also able to perform to our visiting Curriculum Specialist for Drama from Juilliard, Ms. Tomeski, and she was very impressed with the confidence and ability on show.

Great job, Year 5, Mister Denham and Miss Gigi!

See Photo and Video Gallery for the show highlights. Enjoy!