Student Success Story: Zachary Weinbrum’s Path to Law - Student Success Story
Kaitlin Alexander
October 17, 2023

Student Success Story: Zachary Weinbrum’s Path to Law

Student Success Story: Zachary Weinbrum’s Path to Law - Student Success Story

Meet Senior, Zachary Weinbrum, whose educational journey has been guided by a fervent passion for law, justice, and political science. His story unfolds like a well-crafted legal argument, with each chapter revealing a deeper commitment to understanding the intricacies of the judicial system.


Zach's fascination with law ignited during a fifth-grade trip to Washington, DC. Discovering the workings of the American democracy and justice system left a lasting impression on him, igniting a curiosity that would shape his academic path. Since joining North Broward in the 6th grade, he swiftly identified his passions, immersing himself in law, and computer science classes.


Law classes at North Broward started in the 2019-2020 school year when Zach was still in Middle School. Upon entering high school, as an identified pre-law student, Zach eagerly enrolled in every law class. Starting with Intro to Law all trimesters in Freshman year and then Honors Business Law, Honors Constitutional Law, and Honors International Law in Sophomore year. Zach credits his teacher Stacey Pesaturo with propelling his passion for Law. Stacey Pesaturo says, “From the very beginning he was an integral part of the class, someone whom his classmates looked up to and respected.  He has a passion for learning, especially in law and politics.  Zach was a wonderful student, and I'm happy that I got the opportunity to get to know him and have him as a student.”


Zach is a part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The IB Diploma is a globally recognized program that goes beyond traditional education, cultivating critical thinking, research skills, and a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. The confidence instilled by the IB program becomes a guiding force, propelling students toward success in academics and beyond. High School Assistant Principal and IB Director Tamara Wolpowitz shares, “The IB program has played a crucial role in honing Zach’s research and writing skills, preparing him for the challenges of higher education and beyond.”


An important component of the IB Diploma is the research emphasis of the extended essay. The essay portrays their research and writing skills, with intellectual discovery and creativity. Students not only develop as researchers but can proudly claim published authors' titles. Zach’s IB Extended Essay, where he explored legitimacy theories applied to the Arab Israeli Crisis, exemplifies his dedication. Keith Lindsley, Extended Essay Coordinator, and IB Economics Teacher says, “Through our class, he’s engaged with his community by registering voters, feeding the hungry, promoting sustainability and equity on campus, and gleaning.”

Zach’s academic journey reached new heights with the IB Extended Essay along with the IB Global Politics class. This class delves into political issues and explores their implications on human rights, justice, development, power sovereignty, and international relations, a cornerstone in understanding the intricate web of justice in our society. 


Towards the end of his Junior year, Zach started his pursuit of gaining real-life skills and knowledge with a professional summer internship. Zach interned at the State Attorney's office during the summer, where he undertook tasks such as drafting judgment papers and attending court proceedings. He was assigned to the South County Satellite office in Delray Beach, where he was responsible for the enforcement of misdemeanor crimes including DUI and criminal traffic violations. Despite being among the few high school interns in a predominantly college-student environment, Zach felt a sense of trust and encouragement that fueled his belief in his potential as a future lawyer. Alexandra Lane, from the South County office, shares “I found him to be very reliable and an independent thinker, who always got the job done. Zachary’s maturity is beyond his age, which allowed me to assign tasks to him with more substance to them.” 

He brought this experience to the student body and administration as the Student Senate President. Established three years ago, this partnership fuels important changes to campus, all student- driven. Twenty-six students are a part of the Student Senate. Zach's leadership is evident in the Senate's recent triumph, advocating for feminine product dispensers in all female bathrooms in the 300 building. Along with providing change on campus, Zach hopes to promote the importance of voter registration to promote sustainability and equity on campus, drive discussions, and inspire deeper thinking among his peers. Student Senate Advisor Charles Harreys shares that, “during his tenure, the Senate has passed bills that have impacted student life ranging from the school store to student restrooms.  We are excited to see what he accomplishes this year!”


Along with his law pursuits and Student Senate, Zach is also very tech-savvy. He serves as President of the Computer Science Club, leveraging his passion for technology to create practical solutions. In his IB Computer Science class, he developed a software program to help with the lower school aftercare program. The aftercare system checks in and checks out students, all autogenerating overnight. The lower school assistant principal and members of the aftercare team were grateful for the program, which has been fully adopted and maintains hundreds of students. 

Zach's dedication extends beyond the classroom, aspiring to attend law school and pursue a Juris Doctorate, envisioning a future in public service. His seven years at North Broward encapsulate the transformative power of student leadership, academic rigor, and community engagement. As he paves the way for positive change, both within the Student Senate and the broader academic landscape, Zach exemplifies the true essence of a student leader and IB scholar. His future is bright, and we look forward to highlighting Zach as a proud alumnus in the future.