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    Located directly on the shores of the scenic South Lake (Nan Hu), we offer your child a respite from busy city life each day.

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    We are the only school in Guangzhou to offer your child premium access to the English National Curriculum.

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    Our teaching staff are the finest in Guangzhou. All are police verified and fully qualified with UK or international teaching experience.

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An interview with Shaun Lye

With almost 10 years under his belt at BSG, and having just become Head Student, Shaun shares his educational journey with the school.

  • Head Students 2019/20

What subjects are you currently studying?

I am currently studying Physics, Maths, Computer Science and History.

Which exam results are you most proud of and why?

I think I am most proud of my Psychology results. This is because Psychology is a subject that I had no knowledge of prior to beginning my GCSEs and it was one of the more challenging subjects for me. The exam we took was the first of the new specification and so we had very little knowledge of the exam structure compared to other subjects, therefore when I achieved a level 9 on it, I felt a great sense of achievement.

What would you love to do in the future once you've graduated and why?

As of right now, what I would like to do in the future is to study law. I have been reading many books regarding that subject area and I have found it very interesting. On top of that, I think the subjects I am studying now, particularly History will further prepare me for studying Law as many of the skills are translatable.

Describe a situation where you've found something at school difficult and had to push yourself to overcome it. How did BSG support you?

During my preparation for the GP exam, I found it very hard to grasp how to answer questions with the correct structure. Thankfully, the GP teachers: Mr Hallas, Ms Rice, and Ms Clarke were very helpful and created PowerPoints that taught us how to structure our answers in the most effective way – it helped me immensely.

Tell us about a time when you've had to make a big decision.

A time I had to step out of my comfort zone was when I decided to join a band. This was very nerve-wracking because I found it challenging to perform in front a crowd. However, in the end, I opted to joining and it has provided me with many memorable experiences.

How do you think you have changed and grown as a person since you joined BSG?

I think BSG has taught me to take risks and to step out of my comfort zone. The teachers all encourage students not to be just academically successful, but also in extracurricular activities like performing arts and sports. Over the years, I have found myself taking part in many things that I would not have had the confidence or motivation to do before, like applying for leadership positions and joining a band.

Which teachers have made learning enjoyable and how? 

All my teachers have made learning more enjoyable, in particular, Dr Chilvers, Mr Heath and Mr Fisher.

Dr Chilvers would always explain concepts about science into further detail. He would make sure we knew not just the how, but also the why behind scientific concepts. On top of that, the physics puns he makes always lighten up the mood on a Monday morning!

Mr Heath has made studying Psychology very enjoyable because of his wide range of teaching methods. Every lesson we would have different starter activities, from seeing who could most accurately summarize the things we learned last lesson to a fun ‘Kahoot!’ quiz. He also has what seems to be an endless supply of psychology videos stored on his macbook…

Whenever we have History, we know it’s going to be an exciting 70 minutes because of the amount of energy Mr Fisher brings to each lesson. His helps us understand the content much easier by explaining it in his own words, and his many years of teaching have given him lots of experience on how to maximise revision sessions.

What do you think makes BSG a special school?

I think what makes BSG special is the people in it. Everybody is very welcoming and they all make an effort create a comfortable environment. The teachers are all immensely supportive and will draw from their own free time to help me if I do not understand something in class. On top of that, although the learning culture is very prominent in BSG, the students also place importance on extracurricular activities, and know how to balance their lives equally between the two. As Mr McConnell recently said, ‘new kids will only feel like they’re new for about a day or two’, then it will feel like they’ve known everyone else for years. I think that is a very accurate depiction of BSG.

How would you describe our Principal?

I’ve known Mr Thomas since I was in Year 3. Over the years, even though the school has grown, Mr Thomas has still managed to maintain personal relationships with most of the students in BSG, which shows how much he cares. His door is always open to anyone, and he often walks around school with a friendly smile on his face, asking the students about not just their academic work, but their day in general.

I would describe him as a very kind, caring Principal, who wants what is best for the school, and is always open to suggestions. On our Principal