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Following the German National Curriculum, we offer core subjects from Klasse 1 to Klasse 4 for our German-speaking Primary School students, while also integrating the English National Curriculum through non-core subjects and a variety of whole-school activities. Our students build on the skills first introduced in Early Years, while also becoming more mature and experienced in formal methods of learning. 
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Supported by the German Embassy and companies Volkswagen/Audi, BMW, Daimler and Siemens, our German Primary School allows our students to learn from specially dedicated and talented German Primary teachers, who are all qualified and certified with a degree certificate to match German standards. For additional support, we also have a teaching assistant in each classroom. 


We believe that the integration of our German Primary Programme into our whole school’s activities is very important for bringing all our peer-students together and making friends. Our German students have classrooms in the main body of our campus, alongside the classrooms of their peers learning the English National Curriculum. All students have their lunch and break times together. 

In this way, our German students naturally grow in their bilingual abilities, as they also partake in music and physical education lessons in English, as part of the English National Curriculum. They attend the weekly assemblies, participate in school productions, and go on field trips in English. We also offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support and Chinese lessons.


Our German Primary students can choose from a variety of both German- and English-speaking afterschool activities. They also benefit from BSB Shunyi’s pastoral care, school counselling, and Special Educational Needs Programme, as appropriate. 


At BSB Shunyi, we offer a truly global experience with outstanding teachers and exceptional educational opportunities from our youngest to eldest students. Our students are empowered to be and do their best, while also learning to make a difference in the world beyond the classroom.


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Juliane Schimann, Head of German Primary School

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