At BSB Shunyi, our parents, teachers, and students all work together to make our time at school successful. Read on for useful information and important resources for parents so that your child will grow and thrive with us.


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2023-2024 BSB Shunyi School Calendar

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Parents' and Teachers' Assocation (PTA)

The PTA support the BSB leadership, teachers and students in the school mission to foster a community of belonging in ways both within and outside the school walls.

Meet our Teachers

Our world-class teachers care deeply about each student's success, supporting them to achieve academic excellence and flourish as an individual. Click below to learn more about our teachers.

Our students are proud to wear their BSB Shunyi uniforms, embodying our school’s principle of presenting ourselves respectfully and professionally. Our uniforms are comfortable and adaptable to the changing seasons in Beijing, and we expect them to be worn on the journeys to and from school, as well as at any activities hosted by BSB Shunyi.

We have an optional bus service to make it easier for families to get their children to and from school each day. Our school bus policy ensures BSB Shunyi students have a safe journey, with safe, air-filtered vehicles that our students can feel comfortable riding.

Lunchtime is an important part of our school day when students practice healthy eating habits, good hygiene, and polite table manners with their classmates, teachers, teaching assistants, and support staff. In this vibrant and social environment of our modern cafeteria, our students enjoy taking a well-earned break and a nutritious meal cooked by our experienced chefs.

BSB Shunyi values our ongoing communication with parents. Please click "Learn more" below to join events organised by the school for our BSB parents.

Download the "School Information" parent handbook in PDF format  to see a summary of important information and resources to help your child this school year.


To enhance our students’ learning and to keep our parents directly informed, at BSB Shunyi, we use a selection of market-leading education apps and technologies.

With these apps, your child will showcase their learning; teachers will gain close insights to further personalise their education; and our parents have an open window into our classrooms, building a strong bridge between home life and school time.

Early Years
Tapestry is our secure, easy-to-use online learning journal, where BSB Shunyi staff and families celebrate our Early Years students’ learning and achievements. They share links to observations and assessments of your child on a regular basis.
Seesaw is a web-based app platform for creating digital portfolios of our Primary students’ learning. Teachers share these with parents, who can leave journal entries of constructive feedback about their child’s learning and development. Teachers share reminders of class events and the year group’s weekly newsletter through the announcement feature.
Parent Portal

The BSB Parent Portal App is a hub for all our Secondary school communications between parents and teachers. This is where we share our students’ learning journey, digital reports and other important information with our parents.

IB Diploma

ManageBac is the digital platform used by IB teachers, students and parents to provide a seamless and integrated experience for all to manage every aspect of the curriculum. It contains information essential for all 6 subjects as well as CAS, TOK and EE. 



School Day
Air Quality Policy
Co-Curricular Activities
Well Being Sport
House System
Primary Instrumental Programme (PIP)
Secondary Electronic Device Guidelines
Years 3 to 6 Primary 1:1 iPad Programme
Student Behaviour
No Nuts Policy


We stimulate our students with a whole world of activities beyond class time, where our students are discovering new talents or nurturing their existing passions and interests. With co-curricular activities (CCA) as a key feature of our curriculum, our students gain impressive experience while also exploring the wider world beyond BSB Shunyi.
Sports and Well-being 
Our students love the wide range of athletics and well-being activities that we offer at BSB Shunyi. With the largest, state-of-the-art sports fields in the nation – alongside our impressive air-filtered dome for all seasons – every student is encouraged to safely participate, compete, have fun, keep active, and stay healthy at school. 
Sports and Well-being
Our students explore their athletic abilities outside the classroom through a wide range of sports and physical activities suitable for all levels of experience. To help all our students stay active and healthy, we have all major competitive sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and swimming, as well as fun leisure options like yoga, dance, and Cross Fit HIIT. 

Our beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities give our students a wide range of spaces to compete and play in. We have a multi-use sports hall, dance studio, cardio fitness and weights rooms, indoor heated swimming pool, dedicated Early Years swimming pool, indoor basketball courts, outdoor full size football pitch, and air-filtered sports dome for all seasons.

Our BSB Bears and Aqua Bears sports teams compete with success at a high level within the Beijing schools’ sports network and through ACAMIS, ISAC, FOBISIA, and NAE competitions for international schools across China and greater Asia.
Academics and Languages
Our students enjoy spending time outside class to enrich their abilities in different languages, deepen their academic competencies, and strengthen their debating skills. We offer a broad range of languages and academic clubs to support these goals and interests.
Academics and Languages
With over 60 nationalities represented in our school, our students speak many languages, which contributes to the vibrancy and rich texture of our diverse school community. Our students are learning Chinese, French, German, Spanish, or Korean. We also provide extra support to our non-native English speakers through our ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL) department, helping them to practice and quickly become skilled communicators. 

Our thriving academic clubs include the World Scholar’s Club, Maths Competitions, History Clinic, Bookworms Club, Chinese Panda Reading Club, and Eco-Committee, among others. 

Model United Nations (MUN) is a popular choice among our secondary students, where they engage in the simulation activities of the United Nations, practicing their skills in diplomacy, international relations, and public speaking, and increasing their awareness of global issues.
Music, Dance, and Drama 
Whether it’s participating in our choir, orchestra, personalised instrumental lessons, dance classes, or school plays, our students are talented at expressing themselves in the performing arts – and there’s always something for everyone.
Music, Dance, and Drama

Supported by our NAE–Juilliard Performing Arts Programme, our students participate in a wide range of Co-Curricular activities that encourage discovery-based learning including choir, orchestra, ensembles, Dance Club, and Drama Club. To expand their musical education, our students also partake in a wide variety of music lessons with bespoke instruments.  

Every year, we invite budding actors and singers to audition for a part in the cast and crew of our annual school production. Our supportive, creative, and highly professional environment allows our students to blossom and discover their passions.

Choirs, Orchestra and Bands currently available at BSB

  • Years 1-2 Choir
  • Years 3-4 Choir
  • Years 5-6 Choir
  • Primary Junior Orchestra
  • Primary Wind Band
  • Secondary Choir
  • Secondary Orchestra
  • Secondary Jazz/Rock Band

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Daren Burns, Director of Expressive Arts

Creativity and STEAM
Through our Robotics Club, Space Rail, Lego Club, Cooking Club, the Eco-Committee, and STEAM related activities, we support the creative and critical thinking of our students beyond class time.
Creativity and STEAM
Energised with many insights and resources from our collaboration with MIT for our STEAM programme, our students have exciting learning experiences, supported through organised activities of the Science Club, Space Rail, Robotics Club, Lego Club, Computing Coding Club, Minecraft Club, and more.

Our students’ other creative and popular activities include the 3D Papercraft Club, Design Technology Workshop, and our activities around cooking, board games, collage, comic drawing, film, and photography. Our students are also active in our ‘Roots and Shoots’ Club and our BSB Eco-Committee – initiating ways to make a difference in protecting our environment.


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