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Following the English National Curriculum, Key Stage 3 spans Years 7–9 and covers the transition from Primary to Secondary School. Our students have greater academic responsibility as they study a diverse range of subjects and have increased amounts of homework, organised into a timetable. In these exciting years, our students discover the areas of learning they are most passionate about.

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Our students in Key Stage 3 study a range of different subjects at BSB Shunyi, so that they become comfortable with a variety of subjects. This helps them eventually to choose which subjects they are most excited to study as separate courses in Key Stage 4. 

Developing in two languages is also important during these years at BSB Shunyi: our students can study Mandarin, German or Korean as a first language, and also French, Spanish or Mandarin as a second language.


At BSB we provide a personalised and challenging learning experience for all our students. Our teachers carefully identify the most effective strategies for each of our students to achieve agreed goals. Therefore, we create unique and inclusive learning opportunities that enable each and every student to develop, pursue and achieve appropriate personal learning goals. Our teachers are therefore skilled at differentiating and adapting their planning in an inclusive learning environment. We believe that inclusive classrooms enrich learning through meaningful collaboration. The principle of socially constructed learning applies to promoting teamwork and collaboration between students and also between teachers and students. Our collaborative and inclusive approach ensures that all well equipped for outstanding success at all levels and in all subject areas.


We use a variety of techniques throughout the academic year, including peer- and self-assessment in addition to a teacher’s assessment of both group and individual work. In some subjects, teachers may also give students tests for reinforcement of the learning material at the end of a topic (or unit in their coursebook). 

We assess our students upon their entry to BSB Shunyi, in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science at the National Curriculum Age related expectations. Building from our baseline assessments in these areas, we continue to track their individual progress throughout their time at BSB Shunyi. 

We don’t just track with simple ticks and crosses on a teacher’s scoring sheet. We are proud to be at the forefront of successful British educational strategies, and one that we have fully embraced, with a specialist support team of teachers, is ‘Assessment for Learning’ (AFL). AFL is based on structured feedback that’s specific to an individual student and guides their personal progress. With this personalised feedback and attention, our students can more easily respond in the best ways for their learning methods and studying practice. 


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KS3 Curriculum Guide

Transition Guide from Primary to Secondary


At BSB Shunyi, we offer a truly global experience with outstanding teachers and exceptional educational opportunities. Here, students achieve high marks in exams and learn to make a difference in the world outside the classroom.

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