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19 March, 2018

Secondary Student Guild 2017-2018

Secondary Student Guild 2017-2018
Secondary Student Guild 2017-2018

Leadership in the Secondary School

We know the importance of giving students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, and we have a range of different ways to do this.

Each form group has a Form Representative who is elected by their peers. These Reps come together to form the Student Guild. The Guild is ‘the voice’ of the student body. They meet regularly with the senior staff to discuss issues relevant to student life. They also contribute to the formulation and review of policies that are relevant to the student body.

Secondary Student Guild 2017 – 2018

Year 7 Representative: Angeli Zhao

7A – Angeli Zhao

7B – Anny Singh

7C – Tara Kluge

7D – Nisa Yaylaci

Year 8 Representative: Niclas Spicale

8A – Charlotte Pawlukiewicz

8B – Clara Otero

8C – Niclas Spicale

8D – Dominic Billingham

Year 9 Representative: Hazel Lee

9A – Chiana Ibanez

9B – Hazel Lee

9C – Emily Lu

Year 10 Representative: Alex Liu

10A – Alex Liu

10B – Christine (Seo Hyeon) Lee

10C – David Chen

Year 11 Representative: Bertha Wong

11A – Junwon Kim

11B – Yunho Hwang

11C – Lucrezia Quagliariello

11D – Jein Lee

Year 12 Representative: Deborah Zand

12A – Banu Zand

12B – Deborah Zand

12C – Tomris Zand

In addition we have Senior and Junior House captains for sports and other House competitions. Again these leaders are elected by the students themselves, and become responsible for organising the students of their Houses in competitions.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 leadership is taught as part of the curriculum. Every week students spend an hour with their Head of Year, working on communication skills, debating, self-presentation and other aspects of good leadership. This is one of the key ways that we develop the leaders of tomorrow.

In upper school we strongly encourage all students to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme. This helps them to develop confidence, learn new skills and to develop as a team player, as well as becoming a better leader.

We believe that with the right opportunities and the right environment, we are truly creating “Great learning for the leaders of tomorrow”.

Mr. Mark Hardman

Assistant Head of Secondary