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22 April, 2018

Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday

Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday
Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday

See photos of how BSB students celebrated Albert Einstein's birthday on 14th March (3.14), which also happens to be Pi Day!

BSB students from Year 6 to Year 9 shared some delicious pies made by our Science teachers Mr David Wheeler and Mr Michael Pinnock.  As well as learning fun facts about pi, they also created large colourful murals of Albert Einstein wearing a pi t-shirt and decorated the secondary science corridor floor with them!  Delicious and fun!

Let’s take a look at some fascinating facts about one of science's most intriguing geniuses and one of mathematics' most intriguing numbers.


  1. Pi is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet just as p is the 16th of our alphabet.
  2. Pi is an irrational number (which means that is cannot be represented exactly by a fraction). This was first proved in the 18th century.
  3. In 2005, Lu Chao of China set a world record by memorising the first 67,890 digits of pi.
  4. Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day: March 14, 1879.

Mr. David Wheeler

Head of Science