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02 November, 2018

Support Madaifu’s Apples – please order by Monday 12th November

Support Madaifu’s Apples – please order by Monday 12th November

Dear BSB parents,

The BSB Shunyi Parents’ Association (PA) is once again supporting the Madaifu’s Apple” event this year.

If you want to buy Madaifu apples, please bring the money (preferably rounded up to 200 RMB ) in an envelope with your name and give it to chatterbox or directly to Elisabeth Frenkian, our PA Chairperson.

  • A box of 6kg contains approximately 38 to 41 apples.
  • If you think 6kg is too much, do not hesitate to share a box with a friend
  • Apples have to be ordered before Monday 12th November morning and the apples should be delivered on Monday 19th November.
  • Boxes to be picked up from chatterbox promptly after delivery.

Please see attached

1.“2018-2019 Children of Madaifu Students” – a document about the students of the “Access to University programme” to which the Apples Sale contributes. It is also displayed in the foyer and Chatterbox Café. You can also check the website for more information about the association.

2. 2018-2019 Madaifu Apple Flyer

Thank you for your support!

BSB Shunyi Parents’ Association