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20 April, 2019

Teacher Profile April 2019 – Louise Luo

Teacher Profile April 2019 – Louise Luo This month, we interviewed Ms. Louise Luo, Mandarin Teacher, who has been teaching at BSB for 8 years.

For each newsletter this year, we will interview a BSB Teacher so that parents and students can get to know interesting facts about our teachers. This month, we interviewed Ms. Louise Luo, Secondary Mandarin Teacher, who has been teaching at BSB for 8 years.

I graduated from Hebei Normal University majoring in teaching Chinese as the second language in June 2008. I also achieved the certificate of Mandarin Proficiency Test and the Chinese Teaching Qualification Certificate of Primary School in China.  Before I came to BSB, I have taught Chinese to native and non-native speakers in secondary school and college in Bali Island of Indonesia from July 2008 to June 2011.

It has been eight years already, I still can remember the picture the first time I came to BSB for my job interview.  BSB looked fantastic and very professional! I joined BSB Shunyi in August 2011. I worked as a Primary Mandarin Teacher for seven years and I am a Secondary Mandarin teacher now.  I have taught across the entire school in EYFS, Primary and Secondary school!

I really enjoy seeing the students making progress and showing more and more understanding about Chinese. I like to speak Chinese with the Second Language Learner and I am happy to read the Near Native students’ creative writing and their short drama created by the text we have learned.

When I and my students learn about Chinese culture, I explain by video or discuss with them to explore what the differences are and why and how we should treat the difference.  For example: I taught and discussed with the students the differences between the Chinese and British education system and let them know clearly how to describe the year grades in Chinese correctly.

During the Chinese New Year Festival, the students not only can visit the Temple Fair, but we also have a Chinese New Year Festival culture session. Different Student Year Groups will learn very different culture points.

  • Year 7 students learned a story of Chinese Zodiacs and learned how the Zodiac impacts Chinese people’s daily life to help them really understand what are Chinese Zodiacs and why they can impact Chinese person.
  • Year 8 students learned the story of Nian and made lantern.
  • Year 9 learned a Chinese drama called “Lazy Pig runs away”《懒猪大逃亡》and Chinese paper cutting.
  • Year 10 watched the movie about the traffic of Chinese New Year Festival - the traffic of people moving from the city they work, back to their hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family, then back to the city they work. They studied the article and vocabulary. Then the students did a PPT to present what it is and why and how to resolve this problem.
  • Y11 watched three videos made by BBC that talked about Chinese New Year. They learned a lot of traditional habits that Chinese person do in the New Year.

My family have four members: my husband, five years old daughter, one and a half years old son and me.  I like all kinds of sports especially basketball. Besides sports, I also like to create handmade crafts. After I have babies, my other hobby is to play with them like a big kid myself. My wish is to grow old slowly together with my husband as we watch our children grow up slowly.

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