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04 March, 2020

Nursery Online Lesson on using Non- Standard Measuring

Nursery Online Lesson on using Non- Standard Measuring Karthika Nursery Video

Nursery Teacher Ms. Varma shared a video on how she taught Nursery Moon Bears a lesson on using non- standard measuring

Class: Nursery Moon bears.

Maths Topic: Measurement using non-standard units

Resources used: Colour pens, sofa and her cat.

This is a fun way to learn about sizes big and small as it incorporates things children can use at home and use their favourite toys as units to measure as well as choose a favourite object to measure. For example, use Lego or toy cars to measure how long a book is. They learn to count as they measure and learn sizes and measurement in an active way.

Parents have emailed saying the children loved to see their teacher and her cat learning Maths and one parent has sent a video of her child using a straw as he counted and measured at home.

Ms. Karthika Varma

Nursery Teacher