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13 November, 2020

Secondary Student of the Week (13 November, 2020)

Secondary Student of the Week (13 November, 2020)

Congratulations to the following students who have shown a dedicated, caring, considerate and positive attitude to school. They are all awarded 3 House Points for their efforts.

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7A Kei Ethan Ching Sun - For always following and participating in classes with a positive attitude.

7B Fora Erdem - For demonstrating great enthusiasm and commitment in his MIT science challenge.

7C Chloe Francis - For being willing to help to do the temperature check anytime and being nice with her peers the same time.

7D Laia De Castro Romera - For her contribution to PSHE and all of the tutor time tasks.

7E Suah Ahn - For her careful organization and leadership skills.

8A Clive Cheung

8B Alaz Erdem

8C Seokyeong Mo

8D Dahee Kim

9A Bomi Kim - Consistent hard work, improvement in English language over time, and an all round positive person

9B Youchan Jung - Youchan has been extremely helpful in class. He has assisted a classmate with a broken arm and helped with temperature checks. He always gives positive feedback to others.

9C Phoebe Liu YiFan - For her overall excellent attitude

10A Kevin Ban  - For being super polite and respectful and earnestly assisting with class procedures 

10B Janet Yeam - For being a good friend and helping her peers.

10C EunGyeol Koh - For being helpful in tutor time by unpacking some new equipment when no one else would volunteer.

11A  Lina Patuschka - In recent PSHE lessons we discussed how teaching others is an effective revision strategy. This week I was pleased to hear that Lina helped another student with History revision, it’s good to hear students are supporting each other with their studies in this important GCSE year.

11B Eli Chao  - He always works very carefully and thoroughly when doing tasks on the laptop.

11C Kelly Van - For her consistent level efficiency throughout.