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11 December, 2020

Secondary Student of the Week (11 December, 2020)

Secondary Student of the Week (11 December, 2020)

Congratulations to the following students who have shown a dedicated, caring, considerate and positive attitude to school. They are all awarded 3 House Points for their efforts.

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7A Alexandre Back - For his positive cheerful attitude and willingness to work with all classmates.

7B William Aw Yong - For actively assisting with PSHE and registration activities and for donating generously toward children’s home during Christmas dress-up day.

Y7C Doa Kwon - For being nice to peers and making a great upcycle project.

7D Emma Adele Unteutsch Reimann - For always following and participating in classes with a positive attitude.

7E Alex Thompson - For her wonderful Christmas costume and effort in all her lessons.

8A Ayisa Yao – For showing leadership skills and taking the lead in ensuring temperature checks are completed.

8B Newton Xu - For being continually focused and helpful day in and day out.

8C Jiwoo Shin- For her eagerness to participate in class and for helping in translating when needed.

8D Sona Balazova - For scoring high in her online IT assessments.

Y9A Billy Yitong Ren – Billy has been very helpful, has a bright and cheerful disposition every morning, often makes interesting comments in PSHE.

Y9B Yuechi Liu - Yuki has worked extremely hard in lessons and contributed enormously to PSHE and class activities.

Y9C Luca Rohleder - For his participation in PSHE.

10A Annie Zhang - For contributing to the assembly organisation and demonstrating responsibility.

10B Matias Sutter - For actively participating and accomplishing all tasks as form representative.

10C Jessica Taylor - For some insightful work on gender equality during our PSHE classes.

11A Yeny Choi - Yeny is an excellent role model for other students. Every morning when Yeny arrives to registration she uses every available moment to study and prepare for exams. Her work ethic is an excellent example to other students in Year 11.

11B Daniel Sheridan - For he is also a very polite and helpful young man who is communicative and shows a good attitude.

11C MinSeo Park - For her contribution to the Christmas Charity.