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23 January, 2022

Secondary CCA Choices: Season 3

Secondary CCA Choices: Season 3

Dear Parents,

Our second season of CCAs ended Friday 21st January. I hope your child has enjoyed their programme and is excited for the opportunity to try a new experience in our third season. Our third season is scheduled to being on 14th February but with the school closure, we will no doubt need to alter the schedule. However, we can still gather the information and create the schedule for our students even if we cannot be 100% sure of the start date. We will send through confirmation on when the next season of CCAs will begin as soon as possible. 

Our non-sport CCAs run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They take place directly after school from 3:30 to 4:30. Students who take CCAs will return home on the school bus at 4:30 rather than 3:30.

Some sporting activities can run on Mondays and Fridays and may run later than 4:30. All the information on these can be found on SOCS. Students who take CCAs that run later than 4:30 will be able to take our late school bus home at 5:30.

Information on all the buses that your child will take to come home will be sent directly to you. It is important that if you wish your child to take the school bus that you select ‘Bus’ when choosing your options.

While our CCAs are not compulsory, we highly recommend that all our students join in as many as possible. They provide the opportunity to experience different skills, ideas and hobbies as well as exploring new areas of interest. They are also a fantastic way to meet people from different year groups and backgrounds with whom they may normally not easily get the chance to interact.

CCA Seasons

Our CCA programme is split into four seasons. The dates for Season 3 are below.

Season Start Date Finish Date
3 28th February 31st March


Selecting CCAs and Sign-Up dates

Signing up for our CCAs is online through our SOCS system. We are now using an updated system that will allow parents to select their preferences for their child’s CCAs. In the past, some parents have been disappointed that if they logged on later during the sign-up window, many of the CCAs were already fully booked. By introducing this new system, parents will be able to indicate their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for CCAs and the system will assign these selections once the sign-up date closes. It will attempt to give all families their first and second choice and will distribute out third choices equally if a CCA is fully booked. When you log on to the system, you will find instructions on how to complete your choices.

Attached is a short guide if there are any issues. The attached guide should make the process quick and simple, but there is a more detailed version on the SOCS website if you would like more information:

The login details have also changed. You should now select ‘Parent’ when you log in and use your own email address. This would be the email address that you receive communications from BSB.

The password is: BSB21

If you have any problems logging in, please click the 'Forgot Password' option and you will be able to reset the password. Please make sure if you have not already, you will need to activate your account and there is an attachment to help with this.

A reminder: please remember to also sign up for the school bus if you wish your child to use the bus to return home.

A provisional list of the CCAs available is attached to this email so you can plan ahead before sign-up opens. Please note that these may change slightly depending on staffing and student interest.

Sign up will open on Monday 24th January at 9am. Sign up will close on Thursday 27th January at 5pm. It is important to sign your child up to any CCAs they are interested in during that period. Once we close the sign-up options, it is difficult to add students and most CCAs may be full.

A reminder that students need to sign up for Sports CCAs using the SOCS system. Sport CCAs are a bigger commitment, and you should check that any other selections do not clash with the Sport activities.

The link to SOCS is:


Sport ASAs

Sports CCAs change depending on the season. Therefore, you will need to sign up for this season’s sporting options in the usual way. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr Worsley directly:


Swimming Training

Mr Thorp will contact children directly for the swim training sessions. If you need any further information, please contact Mr Thorp directly:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mr. Hartland