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17 June, 2022

Aquatics Programme

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BSB students who have good basic stroke technique in all four main strokes, can demonstrate a racing start and have stroke appropriate turn skills, will be considered for the BSB competitive swim team. Swimming meets are held both locally in Beijing, around China and internationally (if travelling is allowed), for all ability ranges in the team. The BSB internal meets and other local school meets are great opportunities to gain multi stroke and distance times, as well as hone racing skills required to progress to the higher-level meets. The school also competes in the annual Nord Anglia Virtual Swim meet that BSB started last year – held towards the end of term 1. The swim team currently has over 130 students in the squad from both Primary and Secondary school. The Head of Aquatics is Richard Thorp, an ex U20 GB International swimmer, who has been coaching swimming for over 30 years both in the UK, Thailand and now here in Beijing.

At the start of the year all students in Year 3 to Year 9 complete a short swimming assessment in PE lessons and students are selected to join the Aqua Bear team alongside returning students from the previous academic year. A 100IM time trial will also be used for requested try-outs during the year. Students will be assigned by the Head of Aquatics into an Aqua Bears squad group. Year 3 and 4 students are Mini Bears, with Year 5 – Year 13 assigned either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Squad status based on their 100IM performance. Students can move through the squads during the year and the gifted and talented Mini Bears may be asked to train with the bronze group as appropriate. The minimum number of sessions per week a student should attend at BSB is 1.

he number of recommended training session per week, per group can be found in the table below:

Aqua Bears Qualification Standards 

Gold Silver Bronze Mini Bears
100m IM Under 1:30 Under 1:50 1:50-2:30 3 main strokes and developing butterfly

If a student is also a member of a local swimming club as well, parents should contact the Head of Aquatics to discuss the training plan during term time for their child.  Further information (Aqua Bears Parent information) and the Swim Meet Calendar for this academic year can be found in the 2 documents below. All other information can be found in SOCS sport for Aqua Bear parents.

The Aqua Bears competitive programme is open throughout the academic year and parents are welcome to contact the Head of Aquatics Richard Thorp to arrange and discuss a trial if required, or request additional information on the program.

Swimming in the PE Curriculum

In the PE department our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students have a weekly swimming lesson throughout the year. Our KS2 students have 2 4-5 week swimming units and in KS3 1 swimming unit is offered, including personal survival and water polo skills taught. Year 3 through to Year 9 have an annual house swimming gala as well.