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13 September, 2023

The Return of International Day - Sign up for your country

The Return of International Day sign up for your country - The Return of International Day sign up for your country

On behalf of the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association (PTA), congratulations on the first week of school completed and half of the second!  We hope your children have had a wonderful start to their school year!

As we continue to dive into school, it is with great pleasure that this letter announces the beginning preparations for the return of the exceptional International Day Event on Friday 13th October.  So many students within the BSB community have grown to love the event over the years, and new students that have been to International Days at other schools have found that same adoration of an event that truly celebrates our diverse community.

As a reminder, the objective of our International Day is for our children to leave our event with a deeper understanding of their classmates’ cultures.  The students will be given an ‘International Day Passport’ and will be gifted with stamps on their passport from each country that they visit along with stamps as prizes for answering trivia questions about each country.  This is an exceptional event for our students dependent upon our parent volunteers.


Part 1:

To begin preparations for our students, we will seek to organize country groups.

a) County Lead - If you are interested in leading the group for your country, we are more than excited for you to contact us.

b) For those interested in volunteering at the event or contributing to the booths, we look forward to having your input.  If your country has an individual that has agreed to organize the booth, that individual will contact you.  If your country does not, the PTA will contact you.

Please email by Tuesday 19th September with the following information:

Email Title: Name of country

Within the email please write

  1. Name
  2. Child and Year Group
  3. Country


Part 2:

The PTA will email you after your Country Group has been formed. We would love for each country group to prepare the following for your booths…

  • A proposed stamp design for your country.
    • Example: An American Flag for the United States of America
  • At least 500 small tastes of a food that is special to your country
  • One trivia question about your country that will be asked of each student to earn the prize stamp
  • Pictures, posters or art that again celebrates the culture, climate, animals, location, landscape and/or history.
  • The name of your country and location visible would be an added bonus for the children
  • Music or video displays are welcome.
  • If you would like to do any sort of demonstration at your booth this would be great, but would need to be approved by the school.


  • Optional but encouraged is a performance that celebrates again the culture of your country.This may be in the form or a song, dance or playing of an instrument.
    • All performances will need to be approved by the school.

We ask that each country please fill out the form below with your group and submit it to the by Wednesday 27th September the latest.  



Proposed Performance:

Please include if you may need to accessmusic or any additional assistance from the school.At a later date we will ask for the names and years of the students participating the performance.


Proposed Question About the Country


Any additional supplies needed for the taste of your country you will be providing.


Please remember that our school is a nut free school.

Number of Volunteers associated with your group.


The success of our International Day is truly dependent upon you! 

We look forward to working with all of you to bringour International Day back to its glory.


Best regards,

BSB Shunyi PTA

(Please note that our email has changed to due to the name change.)