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19 September, 2023

Important International Day Information

Please see a copy of the email sent to all parents by the Parents' and Teachers' Association (PTA).

It is time!

Below you will find links to important forms, information, dates and links to join as we the parents dig deep to bring back International Day on 13th October for our children!

How to join….

  • Please scan the QR code in the poster below to join the countries that have notified the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association (PTA) that they are in fact working on a booth and or performance.If you would like to join any of these teams, you can also click here for a larger size poster to scan the QR code.The group will then direct you in how you can help.
    • Canada, Thailand and Brazil already have booths. If you are interested in working with them, please email the PTA and we will direct you to those booth leads.
  • If you do not see your group on the list, but are working on a booth/performance now, we the PTA have not been notified. Please email the PTA at asap.
  • If you would still like to have a booth and/or performance and your country is not represented just yet, please email the PTA at asap so that we can assist you.
  • If you would like to have a booth or performance, but do not have enough representation from your country, please email the with the title Booth Help. We will have a team of parents that can assist you with ideas on how you can still represent your country on that day.


Registration Form

  • IMPORTANT : The registration form is due Monday, September 25 for all booths and performances. Without a registration form, we will not be able to arrange space or time for your booth or performance.

    Please download the Registration Form here.

Questions or Concern

  • PTA will host a meeting on Wednesday, September 20 at 2:30 pm in the Chatterbox to answer any questions or concerns about the day.


  • You may also email the PTA at at anytime with the Title Questions about International Day.We will respond to those questions as soon as we are able.

After 3 years our children have not been able to have these incredible memory making events, the PTA wants to join with our BSB community to give this gift back to our children.  Let us join together to make this the best return to International Day we can!


Please see some photos from previous years' BSB International Day.