Abigail Alexis-Olubuyide

Head of Primary
Abigail Alexis-Olubuyide - Abigail-Alexis-Olubuyide


Abigail brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of education, accumulated over a remarkable career spanning 16 years. Influenced greatly by her parents, who held esteemed positions in the education and medical sectors, she grew up with a profound appreciation for the transformative power of education. After starting a family in London, Abigail made the decision to pursue her professional aspirations in an international setting, seeking new opportunities and challenges abroad.

With an impressive academic background, Abigail holds a BSc. in Psychology from Brunel University London, a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education from the University of Greenwich, and a MA. in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Nottingham. Her commitment to continuous professional growth is evidenced by her attainment of a National Professional Qualification in Headship (NPQH) from the Best Practice Network, and she is currently working towards a Doctor of Education in Organisational Leadership.

Prior to joining BSB Shunyi in August 2023, Abigail served as a distinguished leader at a prominent international school in the United Arab Emirates. Throughout her career, she has achieved notable successes, such as enhancing the capabilities of teaching assistants and fostering their growth into Higher-Level Teaching Assistants. An advocate for a engaged and inclusive working culture, Abigail has empowered staff at all levels, recognizing the critical role of middle leaders and teacher leaders in driving the school's progress. Her leadership program for these individuals stands as a testament to her commitment to their development, acknowledging their importance as the driving force behind the school's success.

Above all, Abigail's outstanding achievement lies in her ability to cultivate a warm, inviting, and positive school community. Despite the size of the primary school, she has fostered intimate relationships among students, staff, and parents, forging a sense of belonging and unity. The creation of a second home for all stakeholders remains her utmost priority.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Abigail cherishes her role as a devoted wife and mother to her two children, aged 10 and 11. Valuing her family above all, she treasures the time spent together, engaging in activities such as swimming, beach outings, shared reading, and pursuing their shared interests. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she regularly attends the gym and finds particular enjoyment in exercise classes. Abigail also finds fulfilment in inspiring others through her motivational talks and writing, with the publication of her second book this year.

In embodying her personal philosophy, Abigail draws inspiration from the words of Vince Lombardi: "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence." This quote encapsulates her unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and her unwavering pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.