Ada Wang

Music Teacher
Ada Wang - Ada-Wang


Ada, a dedicated educator, holds a college degree in music education from Shenyang Normal University. She also possesses a BA degree in Administration from Nanjing University of Political Science, along with a Chinese Secondary School Teacher Certification. Currently, she is pursuing her MA degree to further enhance her expertise.

With a decade of experience in the field of international education, Ada has had the privilege of teaching students across various age groups, from pre-kindergarten to middle school. She specializes in vocal training, choir instruction, and orff ensemble, providing students with opportunities to express themselves through singing, improvisation, dance, and musical games. Ada's teaching approach focuses on nurturing personalised rhythm, simple melody, and the art of improvisation, all rooted in a solid understanding of music theory.

Outside of the classroom, Ada is a passionate yogi and also enjoys biking with friends, promoting a healthy lifestyle. She finds joy in singing karaoke with friends, traveling with her family, and immersing herself in different cultures. As an avid learner, Ada firmly believes in lifelong learning and continuously seeks opportunities for innovation and growth as an educator.

Ada's commitment to her students' musical development, her zest for learning, and her dedication to creating engaging and enriching learning experiences make her a valuable addition to the BSB community. Her passion for music and her belief in the power of education will inspire students to explore their creative potential and foster a love for lifelong learning.