Al Pabelic

Mathematics Teacher
Al Pabelic - Al-Pabelic


Al is a dedicated and experienced teacher who is passionate about fostering a love for learning. Equipped with a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and a DC (District of Columbia) Teaching License, he is ready to provide high-quality secondary mathematics education at BSB Shunyi starting in 2023.

He firmly believes that every student is capable of learning mathematics and strives to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment. By employing various instructional strategies and catering to the diverse needs of his students, he ensures that learning becomes enjoyable and relatable.

With over a decade of teaching experience in China, he brings valuable cultural understanding to enrich the classroom. In his previous role at a school in Shanghai, he taught Cambridge International A-Level Maths and Further Maths while actively seeking professional development opportunities to enhance his teaching practice. This dedication resulted in the achievement of a Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning with distinction. Additionally, he has experience delivering the Northern Consortium UK Foundation Year Programme and Kaplan Higher Education China's US Pathway Programme, taking on responsibilities as both a teacher and a programme course coordinator for Calculus and Statistics.

Al has a BSc in Mathematical Sciences and a MSc in Applied Mathematical Sciences from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. Prior to teaching in China, he gained invaluable teaching experiences in various settings and capacities in the Philippines. Beyond the classroom, he enjoys reading manga and watching movies. Alongside his wife, he also has a passion for traveling, immersing himself in diverse cultures, and broadening his perspectives. They recently discovered the joy of skiing and plan to further develop their skills. Living in Beijing provides an excellent opportunity for him and his spouse to pursue this interest.

With his expertise, enthusiasm, and cultural understanding, BSB Shunyi can expect a teacher who is committed to inspiring students, nurturing their mathematical abilities, and fostering a dynamic learning environment.