Andy Sheridan

EAL Teacher


Andy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English & History from Bedfordshire University, UK. He obtained his qualification as an English as a Second Language teacher (TESOL from Trinity College London) and made the move to China in 1997. Andy began his teaching journey as a volunteer teacher trainer in Jiangxi Province for three years, followed by three years on the Tibetan Plateau, before finally settling in Beijing. He also gained valuable experience working for the British Council in the English Examinations field for over 4 years before dedicating himself full-time to teaching at BSB Shunyi in 2013. Andy holds positions as a Cambridge Main Suite Speaking Examiner, Cambridge Main Suite Speaking Examiner Trainer, and Cambridge Main Suite Team Leader in Beijing.

It was Andy's son who first attended BSB Shunyi as a young student and inspired him to join the school. He thoroughly enjoys being a part of the dynamic EAL team and eagerly looks forward to helping students raise their language proficiency levels, enabling them to fully engage in the rich learning environment that the Shunyi campus provides.

At BSB Shunyi, our goal is to empower students to surpass their perceived limits and exceed their own expectations. While the language used in lessons may initially pose a challenge for EAL learners, it is our starting point—to understand the concepts and language employed. Our students begin by breaking down these barriers in their own languages, defining what it means to them, and ultimately achieving success. If they can accomplish this, they can also excel in their English language learning journey.v

Having spent 16 years in China, Andy's enthusiasm for the country and its culture remains unwavering. During his free time, he and his son engage in hiking adventures, and they seize every opportunity to explore new destinations. Andy takes pleasure in watching TV, socializing, and relishing warm weather whenever possible and he has taken up golf recently.