Library's Halloween Celebration-Library Halloween Celebration-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
10 November, 2023

Library's Halloween Celebration

Library's Halloween Celebration-Library Halloween Celebration-Halloween 3D pumpkin making activity2

The BSG primary library's Halloween celebration was a fantastic event! Our librarian created a spooky and festive atmosphere, with decorations, scary story books, and eerie music filling the air. Children eagerly enjoyed reading scary stories and participated in various Halloween-themed activities organised by our librarians.


One of the highlights of the celebration was the scary story reading session, where children gathered around in the dark to listen to spine-chilling tales told by the librarian. The atmosphere was electrifying as everyone huddled close, their eyes wide with anticipation.


Library's Halloween Celebration-Library Halloween Celebration


To engage the children further, the library hosted a Halloween-themed book display, showcasing a wide range of thrilling and mysterious stories. The colorful and eye-catching displays encouraged children to explore new genres and authors, sparking their interest in reading and expanding their literary horizons.


Library's Halloween Celebration-Library Halloween Celebration


The library also organised a creative 3D pumpkin making event, allowing children to showcase their artistic talents. The 3D pumpkins filled the library with a delightful blend of whimsy and fright, bringing a sense of Halloween magic to the space.


The BSG primary library's Halloween celebration was a memorable experience, providing children with a fun and engaging way to celebrate the season while promoting literacy and a love for reading.