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Student Councils visits BIS – TX campus
The importance of educational visits
6 unbelievable benefits when young children play with water
The complete guide to understanding National Curriculum Levels
14 Free E-Book Sources for boosting your child’s reading
The importance of Home – School links to children’s development
The truth about A levels
Steps for teaching children about the environment
The benefits of playing card games
Educate young children’s imagination – children’s book series by Ms. Truc – librarian
November Seminar – The Speakers
Chuyen Biet Rang Dong school visited us here at BVIS
Bilingual Children FAQs
Practice makes perfect: why mock exams are great for students’ brains
BVIS & BIS Cross-Campus Student Council
Tet Tree Decoration Competition
Que Huong Orphanage Volunteers and the BVIS Tet Box Appeal
Hung - Menu Review
Work Experience at CGV Cinema
Work Experience at Standard Chartered Bank
Development of Babies and Toddlers - Factors Affecting Your Child's Development
4 steps to help keep your child safe online
10 Things You Need To Raise A Bilingual Child
Celebrating our Differences and Learning Together: A Community Club Update
Development of Babies and Toddlers - From One to Two years
Development of Babies and Toddlers - Two to Three years
Development of Babies and Toddlers - Three to Four years
Why Bilinguals Are Smarter?
How the language you speak changes your view of the world
Saigon Enterprise Challenge 2017
Geography Worldwise Quiz
Year 12 and Year 13 Prom
Learning keyboard skills and the impact on your child’s brain
Green Bamboo Project Update
BVIS graduating class of 2018
World Scholar's Cup - Global Round 2018
This year's Sustainable Development Goals and the 'World’s Largest Lesson'
Tanzania Expedition 2018
An outstanding trilingual experience at BVIS from a Korean perspective
The Importance of Reading
The benefits of playing card games
In a digital age experiential learning is more important than ever, says Head of Expeditions
What is phonics?
FOBISIA Primary Maths 2019
The Importance of sleep for young children
The great impact of the MIT STEAM Curriculum on BVIS students
Curious minds in high demand
The FOBISIA Primary Games 2019
Weekly Highlights 21/06/2019
Nurturing a passion for Maths through exciting challenges!
Welcome our new academic staff at BVIS!
BVIS HCMC's Outstanding IGCSE & A Level Exams Results 2018 - 2019!
The House System at BVIS
BVIS HCMC to Host the fourth U11 Nord Anglia South East Asia Games
Opening Ceremony of U11 Nord Anglia South East Asia Games 2019
"Sports competitions are not just about winning and losing" @ U11 NAE SEA GAMES 2019!
Secondary Sports Day 2019
Congratulations to Ms Yen Tran for the successful completion of Master of Arts at King's College London
Class of 2020 - Where are they heading to after graduation?
How does BVIS nurture global citizenship and preserve empathy towards Vietnamese traditions?
How does BVIS develop the truly global citizens with Vietnamese perspective?
Graduation Ceremony 2020
A song written from the heart and dedicated to all BVIS teachers upon graduation
Benefits of Bilingualism
The benefits of learning to climb
More universities in Vietnam granted Cambridge International A Level qualification
Meet Mrs Mary McAloon - Our new Head of Primary at BVIS
The Importance of Music in Education
Meet our enthusiastic Students Councils!
The benefits of playtime for Early Years children
Secondary Mental Health Awareness Week
Upcycle your old uniforms, why not?
A Visit to BVIS by Mrs Emily Hamblin, British Consul-General in Ho Chi Minh City
Secondary Production School of Rock
Why are real-world events so important to STEAM education?
Primary Speech and Poetry Competition Final
BVIS Student Won the Ticket to the Global Round at World Scholar's Cup 2021!
Hear from our Alumni - From Vietnam to Lewisburg!
Our student band The Darrows shines at Battle of the Bands 2021!
Weekly Highlights 21/05/2021
Class of 2021 - A class of extraordinary resilience and determination
Weekly Highlights 11/06/2021
You want the best for your child. So do we!
Sending a farewell to EYFS, We are heading to an exciting Year 1 !
Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2021
Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence!
Master's program at King College London - Professional development in International Education
Weekly Highlights 10/09/2021
Outstanding IGCSE achievers 2021
Weekly Highlights 24/09/2021
Curiosity - The key leading to amazing STEAM moments
Weekly Highlights 01/10/2021
Weekly Highlights 29/10/2021
Weekly Highlights 05/11/2021
Weekly Highlights 12/11/2021
Weekly Highlights 03/12/2021
Leo M K story
Minh Khue Story
Nhat Lam's story
Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2019
Thanh Nha's Story
Thien Dang Story
Weekly Highlights 07/01/2022
BVIS alumnus supported by SSI Chairman and 2 Money Talk CEOs to start up at 19
What is a 'blended learning' approach?
A caring learning environment that unlocks your child's potential
IGCSE A Level Results 2020 2021
Community Service
The Benefits of Bilingual Education
Hear from our alumni - Khang Nguyen, Class of 2018
Hear from our alumni - Magda Nguyen, Class of 2018
Weekly Highlights 22/04/2022
Weekly Highlights 29/04/2022
Weekly Highlights 06/04/2022
Weekly Highlights 20/05/2022