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News image HS classroom Blog | CommunityBlog | Featured | Parent Toolbox Blog
Back to better
Back to Better: or how to cope with Back to School in a new reality.
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RISE • CDL values brought to life
Watch this short video and find out what our RISE values mean to our students and staff.
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News image Rainbow Blog | CommunityBlog | Featured | Parent Toolbox Blog
Parental fatigue: relax and rejuvenate!
Tips and tricks from our Pre-school and Primary counsellor Betty Van Pappeledam, to learn how to manage parental fatigue.
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News image Image News | schoolnews | Featured | School news | Actualité
Louise, CDL Scholarship Winner
Louise is telling us about the spectacular list of awards she received... Read more here.
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News image jump Blog | CommunityBlog | Featured | Middle School | Parent Toolbox Blog
Evaluating your (Middle School) child’s experience of transition
Learn why checking with your (Middle School) child on how they are doing during this time of change is so important, and teach them techniques to better manage challenging situations.
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News image Boredom 540329 Blog | CommunityBlog | High School | Middle School | Parent Toolbox Blog | Pre-School | Primary School
It is ok to be bored and in fact is a valuable lesson we can teach our children as parents.
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Welcome to our new Parent Toolbox blog
CDL is launching a new blog to support parents and students, providing tips, take-away techniques, bite-size information, practical links and videos.
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Our new Online Alumni Platform has launched!
Our new CDL Alumni platform is a dedicated place for our 10,000+ CDL alumni to come together.
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News image JohannSauty8224 Blog | blog | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité
Daniel Lozakovich Concert at the Victoria Hall, Geneva.
A fantastic evening with violin prodigy Daniel Lozakovich at the Victoria Hall in Geneva.
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News image Screenshot 20190517 at 133523 Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured | Our Blog | Actualité
Preschool and Primary International Day
Thank you to all parents, students and staff who organised and participated in the annual preschool and primary International Day 2019 at Collège du Léman on the 04.05.19
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News image bilan result Blog | blog | Our Blog | Actualité
Collège du Léman awarded the second best place to work by Bilan magazine
Collège du Léman has been elected 2nd place in its category for the "Best Employers of the Year 2019" ranking by Bilan magazine!
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