28th Edition of the Gymnastics Gala - 28th-edition-of-the-gymnastics-gala
Collège du Léman
18 February, 2021

28th Edition of the Gymnastics Gala

28th Edition of the Gymnastics Gala Our talented students perform in CDL's yearly event.

This year is the 28th edition of our gymnastics gala! It is held every year at the end of the gymnastics cycle for Middle School / 1er Cycle students.

The participants are selected during the physical education gymnastics test, which falls between the winter holidays and the ski week.

For Grade 5 / BIL 5 / CM2 and Grade 6 / BIL 6 / 6ème, the event took place in February. As for Grade 7 / BIL 7 / 5ème and Grade 8 / BIL 8 / 4ème it was held at the beginning of March. We were delighted to welcome Grade 5 students from Primary. This opportunity draws a bridge between Primary and Middle School and will facilitate their transition for the next academic year.

Congratulations to all, we are very proud of our students!

Please find below a selection of photos from this year's Gymnastics Gala!

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