Bringing the annual Glion hospitality event to CDL - bringing-the-annual-glion-hospitality-event-to-cdl
Collège du Léman
29 March, 2021

Bringing the annual Glion hospitality event to CDL

Bringing the annual Glion hospitality event to CDL Marco and Valentin, two of our IB2 students, completed a wonderful CAS project as part of their coursework.

By Marco and Valentin, IB2 students


Marco and Valentin, two of our IB2 students, completed a wonderful CAS project as part of their coursework. They recreated Glion's yearly hospitality event at CDL so that our IB1 students didn't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

January 21st, 2021: our CAS Project finally realized. In the International Baccalaureate program, the CAS Project is an extended experience wherein students must initiate a project through collaboration while addressing the different strands of CAS: creativity, activity or service. Given that all members of our group hold a certain passion for business, we believed that a business-oriented project would be beneficial both for ourselves and other students.

In previous years, business students have always had the opportunity to participate in an event held at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, providing us with an introduction to the world of hospitality. The event has always been a success and having had participated in this wonderful experience, we were determined to provide the same opportunity to current IB1 students despite the barrier posed by the pandemic. To accomplish this project, we therefore contacted the Glion Hospitality Business School, which kindly offered to sponsor.

On 21st January 2021, the event was therefore held in the school auditorium after school. After having welcomed the Glion representative, the event could begin. Students separated themselves into groups of four and the concept of hospitality was then introduced. Cristina Diaz, our Glion representative, presented the university along with every exciting aspect of hospitality: hotels, music festivals, restaurants…

After an interesting presentation, students were then assigned a 30-minute task: each group was to design and share an innovative hotel idea. Throughout the task, each of us, along with the Glion representative, observed, attempting to provide help when necessary. Once all presentations were complete, every group was given the opportunity to present in front of a panel of judges, which included all initiators of this project and Cristina Diaz.

After all students presented their hotel ideas, all judges gathered together, and opinions were shared. Through discussion, a winning team was selected based on a number of select criteria, such as incorporation of sustainability within the hotel idea. Thanks to observation during the task, a leadership prize was also assigned to the student who demonstrated most initiative and interest. In the end, all students were thanked for their participation in the event and awards were offered. After having had finished the event, we all thanked Cristina Diaz for her sponsorship and her presence in this event as she had remained very dedicated to our project as well.

After receiving student testimonies, we were all happy to hear that the event was a success. We had provided an educational service that had pleased our participants!

Marco and Valentin

IB2 students