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Collège du Léman
14 July, 2021

Meet our scholarship winners: Andra

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Having the opportunity of applying for a scholarship and winning it, is not just a great sense of accomplishment, but the process is a whole learning experience that has further motivated me.
Meet our scholarship winners: Andra Meet Andra: a highly impressive IB student and the first of our Scholarship Winner Series.

This year, CDL put up 4 academic scholarships to reward the outstanding attitude of 4 of our talented students, both academically and in their personal development and commitment to others. We received many applications which led to a tough competition. After careful consideration, we are pleased to present to you one by one our 4 winners. In this article, meet Andra, a wonderful IB student who has greatly deserved this award. 

My name is Andra. I am 17 and I am heading into my last year at CDL, IB2. Having moved to Switzerland at the age of 10 and spending most of my childhood at CDL opened a whole new world for me. Never would have I imagined that I would learn three new languages, make friends from every part of the world and receive high honor rolls throughout my IGSCEs and IB.

CDL has offered me so many opportunities to develop myself, but also to become part of a bigger family. School involvement has always been so important to me: from being part of the school charity MADS, to becoming the treasurer of the National Honor Society and tutoring other students. Being part of the girls football team for the 6 years, where we won countless tournaments including the European League in 2018, has allowed me to represent CDL all over Switzerland and Europe and I have made so many meaningful friendships. Independently, I have also continued playing in the Swiss Tennis Championship, coaching tennis and serving for a local charity organization: Serve the City Geneva.

The scholarship application process taught me many skills such as communication, dedication and creativity that will be of great value in my future university applications. My experience at CDL and during this process would not have been the same if it was not for the great support from the CDL staff and teachers. Given such an academic, international and extra-curricular oriented environment, we all should be grateful to be part of this community.