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    We provide international education to over 1,100 students ages 1-18. We are at the heart of our community, a hub for many expat families in living Beijing.

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    Through the Nord Anglia University we focus our teachers professional development to ensure that your child receives high quality teaching experience.

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    You will immediately recognise one of our students when you meet them by their evident respect for others, their intellectual and social confidence.

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    We are a high achieving school with excellent academic success. We believe in bringing out the best in every student of all abilities.

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    Through our News & Insights section you can find out the latest from our school and from other schools in the Nord Anglia Education global family.

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    We teach the English National Curriculum, offer a German curriculum at primary level and IB Diploma for Years 12 & 13 students.

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The Weekly BSB - Issue 6

"The Weekly BSB" is a weekly newspaper presented by our Young Journalist Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) which is made up of students in Years 5 and 6. Students report on events and what's going on around school, conduct interviews and take their own pictures. Click to visit “The Weekly BSB” webpage to see previous issues!

In this issue

  1. ‘Sprouting’ New Ideas in Roots and Shoots
  2. Fierce Competition in Year 5 and 6 Boys’ Handball!
  3. Teacher Profile: Mr. Chad Hayward
  4. An Interview with our Principal Ms Needham
  5. Training in the GPS Department
  • 1. Roots and Shoots Picture 1
  • 1. Roots and Shoots Picture 3
  • 1. Roots and Shoots Picture 2
‘Sprouting’ New Ideas in Roots and Shoots

One and a half months ago, the Roots and Shoots team started to make a plan about the nature garden at the Pirate Ship playground. They came up with an idea to do a bake sale because they needed money for the supplies. Luckily the bake sale was successful. The students, Ms Warman and Ms Thomas raised 3700 RMB!

Ms Warman and Ms Thomas helped the students order some gardening tools (gardening gloves, spades and shovels) and some stone tiles to make a pathway so that students can take a walk in the garden. “It took us some time to work out how to build the pathway but the students were really enthusiastic and did a great job”.

The Roots and Shoots members are planning some more supplies for the garden. The Young journalists looking forward to writing about the new developments in the garden soon!

By Aditi, Paul and Lena

  • 3. Y5 Boys Handball Picture 1
  • 3. Y5 Boys Handball Picture 2
  • 3. Y5 Boys Handball Picture 3
  • 3. Y6 Boys Handball Picture 1
  • 3. Y6 Boys Handball Picture 2
  • 3. Y6 Boys Handball Picture 3
Fierce Competition in Year 5 and 6 Boys’ Handball!

On 23rd and 24th February, Year 5 and 6 boys from the British School of Beijing, Shunyi competed in a Handball house competition. The four houses competing, Normans, Romans, Saxons and Vikings, tried their hardest to achieve first place. The boys showed great teamwork and excellent quick-thinking skills to get further in the competition. Teachers showed their amazement by watching the boys play for first place, with Miss Nonie, Miss Brown, Miss Debs and even our principal Miss Needham watching the boys play some terrific games of handball. In the end, the results were in:

Year 5

  • 1st: Vikings
  • 2nd: Romans
  • 3rd: Normans
  • 4th: Saxons

Year 6

  • 1st: Saxons
  • 2nd: Romans
  • 3rd: Normans
  • 4th: Vikings

The children loved house competitions and they are all looking forward to the next event. Well done to all of those who competed!

By Henry, Ryan, Patrick and Sean.

  • 4. Mr Hayward Picture
Teacher Profile: Mr. Chad Hayward

Before Chinese New Year, we interviewed Mr. Hayward, P.E. teacher and Head of Primary P.E. We asked him a series of questions in the hopes of learning something new about him!

  1. When did you start working at BSB? – August 2016.
  2. What subject do you enjoy teaching the most? – P.E. of course!
  3. What sport do you enjoy teaching the most in P.E.? – Handball and T-Ball, because it’s great to see everyone working together.
  4. What did you do before you started teaching P.E.? – I was the Class Teacher of Year 4.
  5. Why do you enjoy teaching? – I find it an extremely rewarding job.
  6. What is your favourite colour? – Maroon.
  7. Do you enjoy fishing? - No! You can’t eat the fish straight away and usually have to throw it back in. It’s disgusting and boring!
  8. Do you enjoy swimming? – Yes, I love swimming! My favourite stroke is butterfly, but I’m not really too good at it.

We hope you learned something new about Mr. Hayward!

By Tiffany, Ethan, Lucas and Nico

  • Young Journalists interview Jayne

4. An Interview with Our Principal, Ms Needham

On Thursday 24th February, we interviewed our Principal Ms Jayne Needham. We asked her a series of questions in the hope to learn something from our new principal.

1. When did you start being principal in BSB? - I started in August 2021 but because of Covid-19 I am unable to fly to Beijing. Finally, in December, I arrived at BSB.

2. Why did you want to be a principal? - I have been a principal for a long time in other schools. When you start being a teacher you only need to be responsible for 20-25 children but being a principal, you need to be responsible for the whole of primary and secondary, so the higher the position the higher the influence!

3. What is your favourite subject? Why? - Maths because I used to be a secondary math teacher. I enjoyed the part when I am teaching someone to learn something new.

4. Do you have any fun facts about you? - I love dogs and I have lived in 5 different countries.

5. What hobbies do you have outside of school? - I like to travel when possible and I love to travel by subway to other cities. I also like reading fiction books. When I was young, I like diving. After you go down the water you forget how scary that was because you see a lot of beautiful things.

6. How is being a principal different to a class teacher? - Well I think being principal need to look after more people and to have more concerns in different areas, like the canteen and the buses. Also, if something is broken how much it costs; are the teachers doing a good job or they need some help are all up to me to decide!

7. What is the best/worst part being a principal? - The best part definitely is being able to interact with students. My best part of the day is to look around the school, talk to students and look at what work they are doing. The worst part is to have lots of long boring meetings.

8. How do you aim to stand out from the previous principal? - The only thing you can do is be youself, working on the things that you think is important to you. For me, it’s the teaching and learning going through the classroom. I really like it when students try their best and engage themselves.

9. What is the difference between being an international school’s principal and a British national school? - I think that we are mixed here with lots of nationalities, backgrounds and experiences, so many things are different. My children are in international schools like you so they have friends from across the world.

10. Do you have any challenging moments being principal? - I suppose that the principal looks after a lot of things in the school. The principal looks after two different things so it’s about the school having the right resources, teachers and the right money are allocated to the right areas so it’s a kind of business side of things. Then there is a kind of teaching and learning things like students in the classroom getting the best opportunities. I think I need to balance these two, both are important to me, like 50-50.

11. Do you like to work with the BSB’s staffs and students? Why? - Yes because it’s really interesting that there’s over 100 teachers here and a lot of students. They are really different - some older, some younger, different background, different nationalities.

The young journalist enjoyed interviewing and getting to know our new principal. We hope you learned a lot about our principal Ms Jayne Needham.

By Suri, Sophie and Nico

  • 2.GPS Interview Picture 1
  • 2.GPS Interview Picture 2
  • 2.GPS Interview Picture 3
  • 2.GPS Interview Picture 4

5.Training in the GPS Department

On Wednesday the 2nd March, Mrs. Kicker and the GPS team attended a teacher training taught by Susanne Seyfried, a guest teacher in Germany. Thank you very much Susanne for providing the above photos to us.

The Young Journalist were asked to interview the GPS team about their experience.

1. What was it like to be a student instead of a teacher? - We learnt a lot and had a lot of fun so it was great to be a student again.

2. Was the teacher friendly? - The teacher was very, very friendly and she was very well prepared. She always asked us a lot of questions so that she knew that we are focused and she also gave us a chance to ask her what we want to know.

3. How did it feel talking virtually? - At the beginning it felt a little bit weird because usually we have teacher training in person but later on we realized it’s a great chance to get a really good teachers training it was brilliant.

4. What was the trainings for? - So the training was for dyslexia and dyspraxia in children so it helps us to understand our student’s needs much better so we could like find out which student has problem to with numbers and letters it also helped us a lot to create material

5. Did it give you any flashbacks to when you were young? - Yes, many like example sitting in front of the teacher and it will be funny to secretly talk to them but we must be focused.

6.What is one thing you enjoyed? -  I enjoyed that the meeting was in German language and that we could modify the training that was face on our needs and what we wanted to know, and I enjoyed that I was with my team.

It’s clear that the German teachers really enjoyed receiving a different type of training. The Young Journalists will definitely be keeping up with any other training going on throughout the school in the future!

Feel free to click here for more information


By XiYi, Xuan, Aditi and Ethan

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