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01 February, 2021

Beaming live at 'ISM's Got Talent'

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Beaming live at 'ISM's Got Talent' Krylatskoe Lower Campus beamed live to countries across the globe with the audience enjoying fifteen wonderful performances, showcasing some incredible skills, from ice skating to gymnastics to singing. IMG_20210122_093804_031

Yet again the children of Krylatskoe Lower Campus showcased the plethora of amazing talents that they possess. 

It all started back in January when children were relentlessly rehearsing their performances before sending in their audition videos. The range of talents was simply amazing; from jugglers to ballet dancers and from pianists to comedians, our Lower Campus students once again showed what an incredibly talented campus they are.

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Wednesday 27th January saw the ‘ISM’s Got Talent’ final beamed live to countries all across the globe. Fifteen finalists were selected to perform in the finals and had been practicing with determination to showcase their talents. With excited children watching in their classrooms (and Virtual Classrooms), Mr Chapman got our Talent Show underway. For the first time in ISM history, every child and teacher on Lower Campus had a chance to vote for their favourite act.


With Russia having a strong tradition of high-quality dance performers, it was no surprise to yet again see our final dominated by dance performances, ranging from rhythmic gymnastics to ballet to hip-hop dances. There was also a strong musical contingent, with pianists and singers performing their pieces with aplomb. Another ISM first saw an incredible figure skating performance from a Year 4 child.

Once all the acts had taken place, it was time for the judges to be counted and verified. After a tense wait (and an outstanding teacher singing performance), all votes had been cast and counted. Unbelievably, there was only one vote between 1st and 2nd place.

Mr Noack, Mr Smith and Mr Keach prepared the trophies and medals for the top 3 acts. In third place; Mila (1B), Pelagaya (1B) and Uliana (3C) with a majestic dance routine. In second place, Tina (4B) for her graceful figure skating. First place went to Arya (2C) for an incredibly entertaining hip-hop dance performance. Congratulations to Arya and all of the students who participated in this year’s ISM’s Got Talent.
We will now have another year of developing our talents before we see who will be crowned 2022 ISM’s Got Talent champion.

Written by Elliott Smith, Lower Primary Phase Leader