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29 November, 2022

Photography Competition Results

Journey Photography Competition 540  329 px 1366  500 px 500  329 px
Photography Competition Results With well over 70 amazing entries submitted, ISM has never seen such talented artists and photographers. And the winners are.... Journey Photography Competition 540  329 px 1366  500 px

With the rules changed this year to accomodate artworks in any medium (not just photography), our art teachers were astounded by the high standard of work entered: Over 70 entries covering a wide range of subjects and approaches.

It has been a real pleasure to view these works and we really appreciate the efforts that all of the artists and photographers have gone to.

What also makes this year’s competition special is that selected works will be mounted on the stairwells leading to the Art and Media dept classrooms on the Upper Campus. As there are so many works that we really like, we have selected 12 works as winners to be mounted in ‘pride of place’ with a further 12 works that deserve special mention and which will also be mounted and displayed in school. Further selections will be presented via social media over the coming weeks.

Well done everyone!

There will be further announcements when the displays are going to be unveiled.

For now, congratulations to the winners:

Dmitry, Junghyeon, Sara, Nikita, Veronika, Hyobhin, Daria, Mijeong, Valeria, Sonya, Andrian, Mari, Valerija, Dilara, Roman, Yumiko, Asel, Maria and the group entry from the Year 10 Art class!

Please enjoy a selection of images from the competition below: