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News image 217549paddedw780h585of1ffffffbisclp18_116_jpg News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
Why Summer Camp is Important
Learn why summer camp is important at Nord Anglia International School Manila, where we offer lots of options for parents looking for summer camps.
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News image Games 69 News | extracurricular | Enrichment Lessons | Sport
Sports, Drama and More: The Importance of Extracurricular Activities
The importance of extracurricular activities, including a list of ideas and pointers for getting involved.
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News image Podcast Page Link News | naegfnews | Highlights | Nord Anglia Education
How to Improve your Child's Confidence: 9 Effective Strategies
Need some tips and strategies to bring your child out of their shell? Here are nine effective ways to get started.
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News image 223687croppedw1366h500of1FFFFFFgofmeeting News | UNICEF | Global Campus | Nord Anglia Education
UNICEF Group of Friends speech by Elodie Camus, BIS Washington student
NAE student presented a speech to the GOF, advocating for children as a catalyst for change. Group of Friends’ (GOF) is a group of 63 United Nations Member States.
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News image 222272paddedw780h585of1ffffffbilingual News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
The Benefits of Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education has been proven to be a secret weapon in supercharging children’s learning and even changing the structure of the human brain.
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News image 222852croppedw1366h500of1FFFFFFbisw18_001 News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
Helping Your Child Transition from Primary to Secondary School
This blog is written by Jonathan McLoughlin, Head of Year 7 at British International School Ho Chi Minh City.
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News image BSB_Shunyi_064 News | homepagefeaturedarticle | Highlights | Nord Anglia Education | Primary | Secondary
NAE in collaboration with MIT sets annual challenges designed to help students consider real-world situations in a fun and engaging way with playful and pretend problems that need solving.
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News image 217550paddedw780h585of1ffffffbsw18_264_jpg News | naegfnews | Highlights | Nord Anglia Education | Primary
Early Reading: Games, Books, and Understanding Reading Levels
Reading is one of the most powerful tools for developing a child’s educational skills. Linked to improved concentration, memory, and imagination, children are never too young to be introduced to the power of books and other forms of reading.
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News image 220712croppedw1366h500of1FFFFFFjuilliardblog1 News | art | Highlights | Nord Anglia Education
The Juilliard School: why the arts are more important than ever
This blog is written by Seth Baer, Bassoonist, and Director of Juilliard’s Summer and Visiting Artist Programmes.
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News image fh 0 News | gc | Global Campus | Highlights | Nord Anglia Education | Secondary
MIT hosts Fire Hose Chat for Nord Anglia Students
Nord Anglia Education in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), hosts a series of online sessions for Nord Anglia students, featuring MIT professors and scientists.
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News image Y3 Samantha 10Mar 5 News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
How to get creative at home!
Developing new skills and hobbies is a wonderful way to further support your child’s learning. Stuck for ideas? Read on for top tips from our teachers and ideas from some of our colleagues for creative outlets that children of all ages can enjoy at home.
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News image 218071croppedw1366h500of1FFFFFFdcis_singapore_2020_345_jpg News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
What is the Nord Anglia Virtual School Experience?
Our Nord Anglia Virtual School Experience ensures that students receive an outstanding education wherever they are in the world. Read about how this works and what our virtual school offers.
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News image NAISM  ASDAN News | homepagefeaturedarticle | Highlights
NAIS Manila is now an ASDAN Registered Centre
Nord Anglia International School Manila is proud to announce that it is now an ASDAN Registered Centre.
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News image 216614paddedw780h585of1ffffffreading News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
The Importance of Reading
Your child's reading skills are important to their growth as a person. Not only does reading give them greater access to the breadth of their school curriculum, but it also improves how they interact with other people and the wider world around them. It’s also a fun and imaginative activity for your children, which opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them.
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News image 216623paddedw780h585of1ffffffeducation News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
Why Is Education Important?
Here, we’ll reaffirm the wide range of benefits education provides to children, before offering advice on how parents can get involved and ensure their children are getting the best possible education.
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News image 216603paddedw780h585of1ffffffkindergarten News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Find out how to prepare for Kindergarten and how to best support your child's crucial early development at Nord Anglia International School Manila.
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News image 216679paddedw780h585of1ffffffpodcastpagelinkebbe News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
Transcript: A Little Bit of Genius Episode 7 with Ebbe Sand
To make A Little Bit of Genius, the new podcast series run by Nord Anglia students, more accessible to all, we are pleased to release a transcript of the episodes. If you would like to listen to the podcast, please visit one of the following podcast streaming websites: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Ximalaya Or visit A Little Bit of Genius on our website to learn more.
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News image 216621paddedw780h585of1ffffffigcse News | naegfnews | Nord Anglia Education
What are IGCSEs?
The qualifications they gain at this stage of their educational pathway will play a vital role in mapping out their journey through higher education. Among the potential pathways is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, or IGCSE. From the curriculum it offers to the qualification’s benefits, this guide provides you with everything you need to know about IGCSEs.
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