Five Reasons To Consider A Boarding School - Five reasons to consider a boarding school
Kaitlin Alexander
December 15, 2023

Five Reasons To Consider A Boarding School

Unlocking Excellence: The Boarding School Advantage

Embarking on a journey beyond the confines of home, boarding schools offer an unparalleled educational experience. While the decision may seem daunting, the advantages are boundless. By shaping students into global citizens, fostering independence, and creating an environment where lifelong friendships and academic excellence flourish. When you compare boarding schools to private and public day schools, here are the five reasons that make boarding schools a transformative choice.

1. University Prep 

Five Reasons To Consider A Boarding School - Five reasons to consider a boarding school

Boarding schools are not just educational institutions; they are incubators for future leaders. The immersive environment cultivates independence, maturity, and the essential life skills needed for university life. Nord Anglia Education’s Director of Residential Recruitment for The Americas, Matthew Schneider, shares that students are immersed in the educational culture. “From the time they wake up, attend school, utilize the resources around campus, and live amongst their peers, they’re able to figure out what their educational path will look like, and this gives them an advantage."

This immersive environment better prepares students for life beyond high school. Students live in a dormitory-like university environment that imitates a similar experience for a first-year college student, plus added support. The goal is to develop the necessary skills the students need to prepare for college. The hopes are to limit distractions, increase studying time, and allow the students to focus on their future.

2. Global Citizens 

global citizens

Attending an international boarding school provides students with the most diverse, global environment available before the university level. The friendships made by living, studying, and doing life together encourage deeper bonds. A global campus allows the student population to explore cultural differences and learn how to appreciate diversity.

North Broward Preparatory School’s first-year boarding student from Uzbekistan, Elif Akhmedova, shares that she likes getting to know students from other cultures and countries in the residence hall. “I have a lot of friends from China. Now, I'm learning Chinese and their traditions. Our cultures are so different, even though we're Asians. I have friends from other countries like Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, and Japan. My roommate is Japanese, and we became best friends from the first day. I was afraid of having a roommate. I wasn’t sure if we would get along."

3. Attention to Academics.


With the classrooms being a short walk away from the dormitory, students embark on an academic journey of living on campus. Students have access to teachers and faculty who live among the students. The teachers help the students with core subject work, course recommendations, studying, and staying on top of their grades. With the library open after hours, the students have the support they need to be successful. The students develop a disciplined routine and develop time management skills with a sense of responsibility. By studying amongst their peers, they develop study groups through collaborative learning. Students learn the delicate balance of academics and extracurricular activities.

4. Safe and Caring Environment 

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A safe and caring environment is a top priority. Director of Student Life, Jonathan Volpi, shares that “safety measures should include twenty-four-hour, seven-days-a-week security, police presence, and locked doors with key card access across campus.” In the dormitory, all staff members make sure the students are safe by checking students in and following curfews.

Dorm parents create a caring environment. They become their second parents, ever present in the students’ lives, always making sure they are well rested and their mental, emotional, and physical health is good. Elif says the dorm parents and the teachers help her live on campus. “The dorm parents are helpful. They wake us up in the morning and take care of us. They help me when I feel homesick and offer support."

Elif shares that her favorite part of boarding life so far has been the trips! “In Uzbekistan, I would just come home after school and do my homework. Now, after school, I participate in clubs, then head to dinner at 5:30, sometimes go play tennis or swim in the pool, and take advantage of the big campus. On the weekends, I participate in the trips, learning and becoming friends with my peers.”

5. Supportive Faculty 


The supportive faculty creates an environment where every student can thrive. Jonathan says, “Making sure the students that are falling behind in certain subjects have the support and resources to succeed by giving them study hours and support from the live-in staff is key.” Beyond the classroom, teachers become mentors. Living on campus as residential assistants, they bridge the gap between academic success and personal growth. An active resource for the student’s academic success.

All the students utilize the campus by taking full advantage of the facilities, like the gym and weight room, library, fine arts rehearsals after school, athletic games, and after-school activities. Boarding students are fully immersed with the day students from preschool to twelfth grade, offering a well-rounded educational experience.

There are many advantages to attending a boarding school. We hope that you consider North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida. We can transform your student’s educational journey and help them soar high like an Eagle! 

Experience Boarding School Benefits at North Broward Prep

There are many advantages to attending a boarding school. We hope that you consider North Broward Preparatory School in South Florida. We can transform your student’s educational journey and help them soar high like an eagle. Apply today!