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Benefits of Debate Education
Embarking on the journey of debate is akin to stepping onto a path of self-discovery and academic excellence. At North Broward Preparatory School, debate is not just an extracurricular activity; but a dynamic community where students hone their skills, forge lifelong connections, and grow as leaders. Here is a glimpse of the critical skills and experiences that make debate an unparalleled personal and intellectual growth platform. 
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News image From Brazil to USA, Basketball Star Enrico Borio - From Brazil to USA High School Basketball Star Enrico Borio News | athletics | Featured | School Updates | School Blog | news | homepagefeaturedarticle
From Brazil to USA, Basketball Star Enrico Borio
Enrico Borio's journey from Brazil to North Broward has been nothing short of remarkable. He exemplifies dedication, talent, and a love for basketball that transcends borders. 
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Five Reasons To Consider A Boarding School
Embarking on a journey beyond the confines of home, boarding schools offer an unparalleled educational experience. While the decision may seem daunting, the advantages are boundless. 
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Does it matter which university you choose?
Where you go is not who’ll you’ll be, were comments that sparked debate recently in the media and got many of us thinking, does that statement ring true for the university you choose? Windermere Preparatory School’s International Student Advisor Ruth Lahnston, Counselor Nancy Gerena and British International School Chicago, South Loop’s Director of Counseling Lindsay Kafitz say students should choose a university that is the best fit for them.
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City of Coconut Creek Honors Five North Broward Preparatory School Seniors
The City of Coconut Creek recognizes five North Broward Prep students for the commitment to academic service and their community
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ACT Testing Cancelled for 9/9 and 9/10
North Broward Prep will be closed for due to Hurricane Irma. Students who were scheduled to take the ACT test this weekend, will have the opportunity to take the test on a different date. Check the website for updates. North Broward Prep will email our students with the new test date when it is confirmed.
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