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Kaitlin Alexander
January 12, 2024

Ivy League Acceptances

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight-ivyleague
Early Decision

As the academic year unfolds, North Broward Preparatory School basks in the brilliance of its Class of 2024 seniors. This class not only embraces excellence but continues to soar to new heights.

Six students received early acceptance offers from prestigious Ivy League universities. Each setting a remarkable standard for securing coveted spots at the nation's most esteemed institutions: Harvard University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University. With an unparalleled celebration of achievement, Brian Johnson, the Director of College Advising, expresses his delight, saying, “The college advising team is thrilled to congratulate our seniors who have earned early admission. We are proud that they all pursued excellence in all they’ve been a part of. They deserve recognition by world-class universities. We are so proud of them for supporting such a prominent level of academic performance, integrity, and determination that will assuredly lead to continued success in their future homes. Well done, and keep soaring, Eagles!”

These are the stories of the six extraordinary students. Each showcasing dedication, intellectual prowess, and unwavering determination. Join us as we applaud these trailblazing students, who have not only secured a place in the Ivy League but have also become beacons of inspiration for future generations at North Broward Preparatory School.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Class of 2024. We will continue to highlight the university acceptances and achievements. 

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight 

Payton Shen, Harvard University

Major: Economics

Payton, part of the IB Diploma Program, excelled in public speaking and debate. President of the debate team and State Champions hockey team defender. His advice: "Embrace challenges, join clubs, and find your passion."

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight 

Martin Palencia, Dartmouth College

Majors: Computer Science and Economics

Martin, a North Broward attendee since 5th grade, developed a keen interest in computer science. He leads several clubs and contributes to the nonprofit Civics Unplugged. His advice: "Work hard, stay engaged, and always step out of your comfort zone."

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight 

Jacques Papescu, University of Pennsylvania

Major: Economics

Jacques, an IB Diploma student, found his passion in global politics and helping others grow. Big thanks to Mr. Greco, IB Global Politics teacher. He leads the Model UN Club and was the swim team co-captain. His advice is: "Get involved early, find your passion, and build a legacy."

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight 

Rohan Alapati, Cornell University

Major: Biological Engineering

Rohan, passionate about STEAM and medicine, volunteered extensively in clinical settings at the United States Veterans Affairs-Miami Hospital (Broward Clinic). Defensive End and Co-Captain on the Varsity Football Team, he cherishes this year's Homecoming victory. His advice: "Don't worry too much about the future; life tends to be more cyclical than linear."


Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight

Logan and Aislynn Saland have attended North Broward since middle school. Both credit the International Baccalaureate Diploma program for helping them achieve their dream of attending Princeton University.

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight 

Logan Saland, Princeton University

Major: Biological Sciences

Logan loved being on the track and field team and taking part in the arts department. She is president of the Girls Who Code chapter and co-president of the Math Honor Society. Her advice is to “take advantage of all opportunities provided in academics and extracurriculars to build community.”

Ivy League Spotlight-Ivy League Spotlight 

Aislynn Saland, Princeton University

Major: Undecided

Aislynn enjoyed singing in the choir, with highlights including performances at Carnegie Hall and Disney's Candlelight Processional. She leads the psychology club and organizes events for therapy dog access. Her advice: “Set clear goals and maintain a balance between academics and social engagement.”