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Nord Anglia
24 February, 2018

Homeschooling tips for parents

The transition to distance learning will be challenging for families. Parents will need to think differently about how to support their children; how to create structures and routines that allow their children to be successful; and how to monitor and support their children’s learning. Some students will thrive withdistance learning, while others may struggle. The ten guidelines provided below are intended to help parents think about their role in helping their children find success in a distance-learning environment.

1. Establish clear routines and expectations

2. Define the physical space for your child’s study.

3. Monitor communications from your children’s teachers.

4. Begin and end each day with a check-in.

5. Take an active role in helping your children process and own their learning. 

6. Establish quiet times for work and reflection.

7. Encourage physical activity and/or exercise.

8. Remain mindful of your child’s stress or worry.

9. Monitor how much time your child is spending online.

10. Keep your children socially interacting but set rules around their social media use.