Here at BSB the student’s journey to higher education and beyond starts in Year 7. It’s a time for students to reflect on their learning, their achievements and their successes so far, and to build upon these as they develop their personal and academic skills. They become aware and knowledgeable of their future options and focus on their strengths and their passions and think where these can take them.

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Meet the Team

Head of Higher Education and Careers

Steve Luke



Advisory / Support Team

Greg Peebles – USA  



Randall Crismond - USA 



Dr Esther Kim – Korea; Korean parents liasion



Alex Goh – Singapore and Hong Kong 



Higher Education and Careers support: KS3 and 4

Students in KS3 and KS4 will follow a Higher Education and Careers preparation programme. They will work with our new platform Unifrog to develop their awareness and understanding of higher education and careers. They will build and add to a personalised ongoing portfolio of their strengths, skills, talents and interests, including a store of career-related guidance tasks and materials. This they will carry with them through their school career which will leave them well-informed when choosing IBDP options, and making choices for higher education and beyond.


Higher Education and Careers support: KS5

Year 12

Students begin to explore university options and application processes through focused guidance sessions on:

Students will also attend university/careers visits and fairs, both in and outside school, and meet recruiters from universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We also arrange online/virtual university and careers fairs and events.

Later in Year 12, we will arrange a 1-1 interview with students to discuss their initial thoughts about their choice of university, course, and career, as well as how their extra-curricular and CAS activities can support their application. Parents will also be invited to these interviews. Students will then start to research universities and courses, and complete their short-list of university choices.

Some of our students also choose to attend pre-college Summer study programmes offered by institutions in the USA and the UK.


Year 13

In year 13 students prepare and complete university applications. Depending on the choice of course and/or destination, they will work to different deadlines and there will be different requirements for the support needed.

We will guide students in online applications, either through platforms such as UCAS (for UK applications) and Common App (for US applications), or universities’ online portals.

If students are required to write personal statements or essays, we will give students initial guidance (either as a focused guidance session in groups, or a 1-1 session with individual students) and ongoing support and feedback from the Head of Higher Education.

Later we will guide students when receiving and accepting offers from universities, and arrange through the IBO Request for Results service for students’ final exam results to be sent to their chosen universities.

When final exam results are released, we offer support as required (UCAS clearing, communications with universities, supporting documents, etc.)


Career guidance

At BSB we recognize how first-hand experience is the best way to inform and shape students’ choices. We are working with our wide BSB community to set up an exciting range of opportunities, including careers talks and workshops with industry professionals, industry field trips, and Internships and work experience, for our students to experience and learn more about career options in different industries and workplaces. This will inform not only their career choices, but their subject choices for IGCSE in yr 10, IBDP in yr 12, and university.



Our students will always be part of the BSB community! After graduation, our students automatically become a member of the BSB alumni.

This is a chance to keep in touch with old friends and to keep up to date with things going on at school.

Also, alumni students can share their experiences with students who are thinking about their IBDP options or their university choices to: