At BSB Shunyi, we love studying different languages, because they open the doors to fresh experiences and exciting opportunities around the world. By speaking and writing in another language, our students are challenged to express themselves in new ways and can better understand different people and cultures.
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From our Early Years Programme onward, our students learn Mandarin as either a native or second language, by developing their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. From our Early Years Programme through our IB Diploma Programme, our native German students can also develop their German as their first language. From Year 7 to our IB Diploma Programme, our Korean students can choose Korean as their first language of study. 

For all our students, from Year 7 onwards (through the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes), our students can study French or Spanish as a second language. Additionally, we support other languages of interest to our students through our after-school activities.


For students of all abilities and backgrounds, we offer support and development in English as an Additional Language (EAL) by using structured courses based on the world-respected Cambridge English Programme. Through this programme, our students study for and proceed to acquire a set of English qualifications that will ensure their English is strong enough to access Key Stage Four (when they are ready to begin Year 10), and then The IB Diploma Programme (when they are ready to begin Year 12).

As soon as non-native speakers arrive at BSB Shunyi, we assess their English. When it’s possible, students will take preliminary assessments before their arrival, so that we can discuss specific programmes with parents in advance. Students are then placed into the appropriate English and other language groups, so they can have the support they need for their ability.

We assess all our students regularly from Year 1 onwards of Primary School, where we will give CEFR-aligned tests every quarter of the academic year to track our students’ progress – so we can then adjust their learning accordingly. In Secondary School, our KS3 and KS4 students follow the Cambridge Main Suite examinations of PET, FCE, and CAE.  



At BSB Shunyi, we offer a truly global experience with outstanding teachers and exceptional educational opportunities. Here, students achieve high marks in exams and learn to make a difference in the world outside the classroom.

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