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14 November, 2015

World Scholars' Cup Updates from Yale - Day 2

World Scholars' Cup Updates from Yale - Day 2
World Scholars' Cup Updates from Yale - Day 2 Congratulations! Year 9 students Jeremy, Claire and Konnor are attending the final round of the WSC –The Champion of Tournaments at Yale University, New Haven, USA. Please click to see updates & photos on our School Trips blog!

We started the day at Battell Chapel with the opening ceremony of the World Scholars Cup. We were introduced to the WSC team and each of the 27 countries at the WSC were introduced with a pwaa! We listened to some inspiring speakers - Sasha Zamler-Carhart and Jonathan Ruening-Scherer, a statistician lecturer from the University.

After a very filling lunch at Calhoun College, we had a good explore of the campus and then spent the afternoon doing the Scavenger Hunt.  Claire, Jeremy and Konnor were split into different US university teams (University of Chicago, Brown and Colorado) and had to do a range of activities around the campus to gain points. Some of these activities included hugging an Alpaca and doing the chicken dance in front of the church. 

After being out in the cold all afternoon, we returned to the hotel to have dinner with the rest of the 666 scholars.

Claire, Jeremy and Konnor are currently studying hard in preparation for the challenge, collaborative writing and debate tomorrow.

Update from Ms. Hannah Watson, Teacher of Humanities

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