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24 June, 2022

Year 13 Dabin awarded DEA Gold Award

Year 13 Dabin awarded DEA Gold Award

Congratulations to Year 13 Dabin Lee for completing and being awarded the highest award for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: the Gold Award!

Over the past two years, Dabin was able to complete all the various components – Skills, Physical Recreation and Service, despite the pandemic situation.

Dabin said that "The best thing about the International Awards Programme is probably the time and memory with my friends. I made so many meaningful and unforgettable memories with my Gold Award members, and I hope I can someday go on a trip with my IA friends again.  I haven’t encountered any big challenges while completing the programme. Whenever I faced small challenges, my Gold IA supervisors and friends always encouraged me to go forward and gave me warm support, so I never wanted to give up."


a) Skill

As a member of the Model United Nations delegate representing the BSB, I participated in BEIMUN, BRITMUN, and CANMUN. MUN was such a meaningful experience for me because it helped me enhance my debating and cooperative negotiation skills. I learned how to make persuasive and impactful speeches to gather support from others. Thanks to the skills I attained, I received the Best Delegate Award from the BRITMUN conference. MUN gave me an opportunity to become alerted to global economic issues and be equipped with diplomatic skills essential to global citizens.

I was also a School Prefect, setting an example as a role model and ambassador for the school.


b)Physical Recreation

I took part in a volleyball ASA in school. Although I’m not really a sporty person, I tried to contribute to my team and practice my tossing skills every week. I also did yoga and stretching almost every day with my dad to release my stress from studying.


c)Voluntary Service

I worked for our school’s Snack Shack to raise funds for orphanage children’s charities (Dew Drops Little Flower and Chunhhui Children’s Foundation). My team ran a snacks and drinks business in school and donated over 17,500 RMB business profits to charity centres and organisations, helping orphaned children with food, medical and educational support. I was in charge of initiating business marketing strategies and promotional events to attract customers and increase business revenue. I felt fulfilled to see my business making positive contributions to the local community.



d)Adventurous Journey

The whole process of the International Award Adventurous journey was such a fun, exciting, and meaningful experience for me as I got to explore many different places. Our team visited tourist attractions in Beijing to interview local restaurant workers and tourists, exploring the economic, social, and environmental impact of tourism. Direct on-site observation and interview process during the exploration journey helped me broaden my insights and perspectives about the world. I now started to observe things around me in more detail with depth care.


e)Final Gold Award component

Due to the pandemic unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go on an outdoor trip, so I had to complete the Gold Project online. I have always wanted to do something globally meaningful, so I decided to do a project with UNICEF.

I signed the UNICEF petition for Children's Education and Health and shared the petition on social media to encourage further action from citizens. I also signed the UNICEF petition for the Climate Change Crisis and children's rights. I genuinely hope my UNICEF petition and social media campaign can add further voices toward solving these significant global issues. I also participated in #ENDviolence BTS LOVE MYSELF campaign. This is an ongoing campaign that UNICEF and BTS created in 2013. I hope this can raise awareness of children’s rights, reducing children's violence and exploitation of child labour.



Dabin also achieved a near perfect IB Diploma score of 44 out of 45! We're proud of you!


1.Please tell us your plans after graduating from BSB.

I got accepted by the National University of Singapore (NUS)! I would be majoring in Business Administration (BBA), specialising in finance. Although I haven’t yet made specific plans for my career, I wish to experience many different things in the world and challenge myself to dare the things that are out of my comfort zone.


2.What do you think is special about BSB?

BSB is a very tightly-knitted community, students can always approach teachers to ask questions or help. All the BSB teachers and friends were all very welcoming and supportive and helped me adapt to the new environment very quickly. I was able to receive detailed support and care from my teachers in terms of academic work and university application.


3. Who is your favourite teacher and why?

I truly love all the teachers in BSB, they were all very supportive and helped me go through all the IB Diploma tough times. If I had to choose a teacher who inspired me the most, it would probably be Mr. Brigstock, Head of Humanities and Economics Teacher. He definitely is an excellent teacher who can motivate and inspire students. His class made me realize the true meaning of making a “rational choice as an economist” and how to live “a truly happy life with a good economic well-being”. He guided me to seek my dreams and inspired my career path choice, so I am truly thankful for him.


4. Other than the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, what other school events have you participated in?

a) Academic Marathon ASA

I participated in the Economics Academic Marathon (Econthon) ASA club in school, and I won the Certificate of Excellence Award from the Economics Academic Marathon China Preliminary Round. To prepare for the competition, I deeply researched the current economic issues and fundamental philosophy and history of economics through reading professional economics articles. Although very challenging, this championship gave me opportunities to explore my own potential and never-ending curiosity, extending academic learning beyond the school curriculum. Academic Marathon ASA inspired me to delve deeper into economics and challenge myself to study even the heavy and challenging economics content.

b) School Newsletter Translation Team

I volunteered to become a leader of the school newsletter translation service club, being in charge of translating school newsletters from English to Korean. Using my English and Korean language skills, I helped the Korean parents who were not comfortable with English to keep up with the school announcements more easily. I felt truly fulfilled in contributing positively to the school’s Korean parents’ community. 


5.What advice do you have for other IB students at school?

I would like to advise students to truly enjoy studying the IB courses. I think the IB Diploma Programme is a really good curriculum that helps students grow their mindsets. I learned many valuable things over the past two years: not just academic knowledge but also social knowledge. I wish all the students in BSB to get the best out of the IB Diploma. It would help you seek your dreams and explore the things you are passionate about.  

Also, I hope all the students find happiness while studying the IB. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Take a break, relax, and hang out with your friends to release your stress. I studied a lot while doing the IB, but I also played a lot! I chatted and laughed with my friends every day, and I really enjoyed going to school and studying the IB. I hope you will genuinely enjoy your high school life.