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16 October, 2016

BSB Science Trip to CERN 2016 - Reflection by Ms. Burraston

BSB Science Trip to CERN 2016 - Reflection by Ms. Burraston
BSB Science Trip to CERN 2016 - Reflection by Ms. Burraston

The now annual BSB KS4 & 5 trip to CERN in Geneva, organized by Mr Michael Pinnock, is unique amongst Beijing schools and this year’s trip for twelve students and two teachers provided just as many highlights as our first trip last year.

As a teacher, it’s hard to choose just which aspect was the most rewarding for our students:

  • engaging in an impressive Q and A session with our particle physicist guide at CERN following their private lecture
  • being wowed in the Solo Synchrotron with the history of European physics collaboration and discovery
  • going 100 metres underground in the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) just metres from where particle collisions were occuring
  • visiting one of the control rooms of the Large Hadron Collider
  • observing a session of the Human Rights Commission at the UN
  • reflecting on the Red Cross Museum witness displays of those affected by war and disaster and the selfless work done to alleviate their suffering
  • visiting our NAE sister school on Lake Geneva, the College du  Leman, where our students continued their work on particle physics by building cloud chambers in collaboration with the College Leman’s IB physics class.
  • delivering mini-history lessons to their classmates on the Reformation and Jean Calvin in the shadow of the Cathedral of St Pierre in the old quarter of Geneva and the history of the House of Savoy and the defensive features of the medieval Chateau de Chillon in Montreux, leaning against the wall on the shores of the lake.

In fact, it’s this combination of cutting-edge science, history and international relations that makes Geneva such a special destination for students and gives them such a privileged and close-up insight into how some of the world’s most prestigious and vital scientific and humanitarian organisations work. Or course, boat trips on Lake Geneva on warm sunny afternoons, dinner at a famous traditional fondue restaurant and lots of opportunities to taste chocolate certainly don’t detract from the experience either!

Update from: Ms. Anne Burraston, Head of EAL

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