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22 April, 2018

BSB at the FOBISIA Maths Competition 2018, Ho Chi Minh

BSB at the FOBISIA Maths Competition 2018, Ho Chi Minh
BSB at the FOBISIA Maths Competition 2018, Ho Chi Minh

4 of our Year 6 students Stella, Daphne, Alexander and Derek represented BSB Shunyi for the 2018 Maths FOBISA Competition at ABC International School in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 22nd to 25th March, 2018.

This year the competition was extremely competitive, with 30 international schools from as far away as South Korea and India represented.

Initially, it seemed the sweltering heat in the park at Phu My Hung during the Maths Trail had sapped the children’s energy, but the team showed tremendous spirit and fantastic teamwork to work out many difficult problems together. After this we travelled back to ABCIS where the children again showed great team spirit during the speed calculation round, relay round and puzzle round.

They began the second day with the Individual Challenge followed by another group puzzle round. Then finally, it was the construction challenge where they were tasked with building a ramp that would allow a ball to roll for a distance of 6.5m.

A special well done to Daphne, who received an additional medal with her house team for winning the house challenge!

Students’ voice:

Derek – I liked Maths FOBISIA because it was a great experience, not only because of the Maths activities but also because I had a great time socially and made lots of new friends. I also liked the fact that we worked in a team and it helped our communication and collaboration skills.

Daphne – I liked Maths FOBISIA because I got to make new friends and I learnt lots of new things that I didn’t know before. I had a lot of fun working together in a group which helped us learn about good teamwork.

Alexander – I enjoyed Maths FOBISIA because I made lots of new friends and it was great to work in a team. There were many fun activities and I also really enjoyed trying lots of different food!

Stella – I liked Maths FOBISIA because I met some new friends and I am even going to meet up with one of them at sports FOBISIA in May! It was a great experience and I learnt lots of new Maths skills that I hadn’t known about previously. I also bonded very well with my team mates on the trip which was very nice.

Mr Joe O’ Donnell, Year 5 Teacher and Maths Mastery Leader