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28 May, 2018

Artists of the Week – Self Portraits

Artists of the Week – Self Portraits
Artists of the Week – Self Portraits

For this edition’s ‘Artists of the Week’, we have selected two of our Year 10 students who are preparing for their upcoming Year 10 mock exam.

The Year 10 students have been working on a self-portrait project, where they have been learning how to map out the human face, understand proportion, structure and form. As part of the project, the students were shown a series of artists who all had their own style, technique and approach in representing the human face. Once the students had gained an understanding of the diversity of methods in exploring and creating a portrait, they were asked to research an artist of their choice whose style they wished to use to develop their own self-portrait.

All of the Year 10 students have enjoyed developing their work independently and they are all producing a series of impressive works. Although we will be showing you all of the final outcomes, once they have completed their exam, we have selected two students who have really stood out during their development process.

Andy Wang has selected the works of Danny O’Connor to help develop his final piece, whilst Cathy Gao has chosen the works of Hélène Delmaire. Both students have created outstanding personal studies of selected pieces of work, showing incredible skill and understanding. Well done to both of you, absolutely fantastic work!

Mr. Martin Harrison

Head of Visual Arts