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19 October, 2018

DDC 2018 Christmas Talented Youth Program

DDC 2018 Christmas Talented Youth Program DDC is offering their Talented Youth Program at The British School of Beijing (BSB) Shunyi from 24th December, 2018 to 4th January, 2019!

DDC is offering their Talented Youth Program at The British School of Beijing (BSB) Shunyi from 24th December, 2018 to 4th January, 2019!

  • DDC is currently a high-end educational institution that promotes STEM, humanities and art courses for primary and secondary students in China.
  • All DDC Talented Youth STEM programs are designed by MIT Edgerton Center and by other top experts.
  • All DDC instructors are from abroad, and they are very experienced, creative, child-centered, and have been rigorously selected.
  • All classes are taught in English to further your child's language development in everyday conversation and in specific subject vocabulary, and
  • Our inquiry-based program emphasizes high-quality and advanced content, hands-on experiments, self-directed learning and authentic investigations.
  • Students need to provide the results of MAP regularly offered.
  • DDC classes are held in educational institutions are top international schools with modern facilities and high-quality international management services.
  • DDC is keen to develop students' self-awareness and regulation, critical

Fundamental STEM (G1-G2)

DDC Fundamental STEM

Do you know how scientists think?  They ask interesting questions, like, how do our brains work? How can we use magnets to solve problems? What is the engineering design process and how can I use it in my life? How can I learn to code and apply it to my life? —and then they go in search of the answers!   These and other questions will be explored in hands-on, engaging activities and experiments for students. As students actively engage in with the subjects they study through experimentation, observation, and construction, they will learn how to think, act, and work like scientists and engineers in an exciting introduction to a wonderful world of discovery!

This course’s focus will be on concepts, like change, patterns or interdependence. These concepts will be applied across the day’s explorations and will help demonstrate the interconnections among branches of science (biology, physics, and chemistry), technology, engineering, and mathematics. The core of the course is not just the content, but also the critical and creative thinking skills that are involved in these disciplines in real-life careers.  The culminating activity will be a student-designed STEM Museum, a carnival of activities that reflect their learning from each day.

World GeographyG2-G3

DDC World Geography

Does it really matter where we live?  How does physical environment (the location of water, mountains, heat and cold) affect the development of cultures?  Could China be China if it was located somewhere else?  In this course, students will explore the five core themes of geography, including location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.  Students will learn about absolute and relative location. They will inquire as to the physical and human characteristics that lead to the development of cultures, including landforms, waterways, people, climate, languages, communication, and transportation.  

As geographers, students will investigate the cause and effect of human interaction with the environment. In addition, students will explore the concept of movement. They will research how and why people move from one location to another. Students will uncover geographical questions of their own selection and engage in hands-on learning experiences rich with reading, writing, mathematics, and more. 

Techno-Threads (G3-G4)

DDC Techno Threads

Technology is everywhere - it’s not only in the devices we use but now it’s in the clothes we wear. Create your own “smart clothes” by adding lights, switches and sensors. Explore how light flows through fiber optic fabric. Leave with more knowledge about electronics, art and wearable technology, as well as a personalized piece of your own clothing.

This course covers the fundamentals of electronics and their applications in textiles and clothing product development, emphasizing the interface between electronics and textile materials, detailing diverse methods and techniques used in industrial practice. This course details the application of wearable electronics and outlines the textile fibers used for wearable electronics as well as problems faced during the production processes and their solutions and concludes with discussions of the development of fabric-integrated wearable electronic products for use in smart cloth, electronic jerkin, heating gloves, etc.

Magic Engineering (G4-G5)

Explore how engineers design and build our magical modern world. In this course we will learn about the process of engineering design. This unit provides students with a deep exploration of basic energy concepts and renewable sources of energy and puts them in motion through a hands-on schedule focused on building things that use renewable energy to work. Knowing what energy is and how to work with it will make them better builders, makers and problem-solvers. Students will explore numerous energy sources by building a diverse range of artifacts that use them.

This course will cover the renewable energy and others like including sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat, which have been widely used in electricity generation, air and water heating/cooling, transportation, and rural energy services. Students will be introduced how to be an energy engineer through diverse hands-on activities and projects which includes designing, building, evaluating, or remodeling energy systems or energy procurement methods. Skills like communication, financial planning, IT, Numeracy, organization, problems solving, teamwork and time management will be enhanced.

EcoDetectives (G5-G6)

DDC EcoDetectives

Students will learn that animals are dying in large numbers in a hypothetical town. Acting as detectives, they will build a simulated city ecosystem, and by studying the characteristics of the island, including the nature of the land mass, water sources, industry, and relationships among the animal species, they solve the mystery of why the animals are dying off.

The world around us and all of the living things in it interact in a very intricate and delicate dance. Any disturbance in that dance pattern can have far-reaching effects and even an irreversible damage to the ecosystem. This program emphasizes a variety of scientific analyses, as well as deductive reasoning. Students will learn concepts and techniques in chromatography, groundwater analysis, Bio-concentration and groundwater movements, etc. 

Psychology (G6-G8)

DDC Psychology

In this course, we explore the science of human behavior and cognition. We begin by looking at methodology (experiment and case studies), and then discuss learning and memory (eyewitness testimony), problem-solving, intelligence (the en vogue concept of multiple intelligence), and language.

After focusing on cognition we turn to social behavior, discussing techniques of persuasion and the effects of groups on individuals’ behavior (mob psychology and automatic stimuli on our behavior. Relating these topics to everyday experience and current events is an important component of the course.

DDC 2018 Christmas Courses 
2018.12.24 - 2019.1.4 (Dec 31 & Jan 1 are holidays)


Fundamental STEM


World Geography




Magic Engineering*





  • The above grade level refers to US grades
  • The residential is NOT available 
  • Need a strong English academic ability
  • Love thinking, love science, have spirits of teamwork and exploration
  • Need to provide the results of MAP regularly offered by DDC or that of other related academic test
MAP Testing





Oct 14

BSB Shunyi


Science Mathematics

Reading Language Usage

Oct 27

BSB Shunyi


Science Mathematics

Reading Language Usage

Nov 4

BSB Shunyi


Science Mathematics

Reading Language Usage

Nov 25

BSB Shunyi


Science Mathematics

Reading Language Usage

Dec 16

BSB Shunyi


Science Mathematics

Reading Language Usage


DDC 2018 Christmas Talented Youth Program Charging Policy


STEM, Humanity course: RMB17,600/ session (10 Days)
MAP testing: RMB800/student (Two Subjects)


1. 5% discount of the course fee for those who complete the registration and payment before Oct. 1, 2018

2. RMB500 discount of the tuition/person for Three candidates and above who register together

3. RMB1000 discount for DDC returning students


  • The above tuition include course fees, lunch, break time snack and insurance, not including school bus fee.
  • School bus fee: RMB1500/ session/ student (Not Applicable to Discount)
  • Discount 1 and 2 could not be used at the same time


Refund Policy

Refund Policy

> 31 Days

100% of your payment will be refunded

16-30 Days

80% of your payment will be refunded

8-15 Days

50% of your payment will be refunded

4-7 Days

20% of your payment will be refunded

< 3 Days

Not refundable for cancellation due to personal reasons

* Please contact for appilication of course cancellation or change.
* Registration will be closed 15 days  prior to the starting of the program.
* DDC reserves the right to cancel the course with a enrollment less than 8 students by the last day for registration.

To register, please contact DDC

Ming: 18510387517


T: 400--8880382



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