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20 April, 2019

Reception – Pirates and treasure maps!

Reception – Pirates and treasure maps!

The children in Reception have been interested in Pirate play and have had a lot of fun playing pirates and their ‘mateys’. They have made treasure maps by crumpling paper and staining it with tea, very colourful parrots to sit on their pirate’s shoulders, eye-patches and swords to add to their role-play.

They have also been exploring the ideas of ‘floating’ and ‘sinking’, predicting and experimenting whether the objects they collected from outside and within their classroom would float or sink. We had some interesting conclusions from tour experiment when we found out that some objects that floated in the beginning of the experiment would sink to the bottom after a while.

The end of the term concluded with our Easter picnic. We had a lovely time outside where children brought in picnic food to share with their friends and family. Happy Easter everyone!

Ms. Karthika Varma

Reception Teacher

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