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19 May, 2019

Food Energy Content Experiment Year 8

Food Energy Content Experiment Year 8 - food-energy-content-experiment-year-8
Food Energy Content Experiment Year 8

As part of their Science topic of Health and Lifestyle in Mr. Warrier’s Science class, Year 8 students worked on the concept of energy content of various carbohydrate rich foods. They used food items such as marshmallows, crisps, pasta noodles etc. to determine the energy content in these food items by using a simple lab set up.

After determining the difference in temperature of the water heated by the burning of these foods, students used a formula to calculate the value of the energy content in Kilojoules. Students also learnt about the concepts of Energetics and measurement units used for Energy.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable Science experiment for all the Year 8 Science students involved and the applications of the learning gained was found to be very useful for the future.

Mr. Mahesh Warrier

Head of Year 11 and Teacher of Science

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