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20 May, 2019

BSB Eco-Committee celebrates Earth Day

BSB Eco-Committee celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on 22nd April, worldwide. Events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970 and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and is celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

The BSB Eco-Committee spent a few weeks in preparation for Earth Week and arranged for three key events during the week of 22nd April -  

  • The first was a house competition to see which house could donate the most money. Well done everybody, especially Vikings who raised the largest amount!
  • Next it was time to find out how green fingered we were and students took the opportunity to sell fruit, vegetable and flower seeds at lunchtime and after school.
  • Finally, on Friday afternoon, the Eco-committee took the opportunity to present how effective waste management techniques could help prevent damage to the environment.

Thank you, parents, students, and teachers of BSB for your contributions to the Eco-Committee fund raiser. Your support was appreciated and we will make sure that the funds go to a good cause. 

Ms. Anne-Laure Walker

Mathematics Teacher, Eco-Committee member

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