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23 September, 2019

What is “Play in a Week”?

What is “Play in a Week”?

Last year, as part of the Performing Arts in Primary initiative, we introduced “Play in a Week” to children in Years 3-6. But what is “Play in a Week”? Drama is in an important life skill that we use almost every day. It helps us to speak up, to listen, to engage, to collaborate, to adapt to situations; at BSB we want to make sure that we are inclusive about offering the skills you need to succeed in Drama. That is why Play in a Week is so important.

Once a year, each year group from Year 3-6 is designated a week to understand, learn, develop and perform a musical. The children work together with me, their class teachers, the music teachers and each other whilst having fun and using new skills. However, they don’t just act. They dance, they sing, they design sets, they use technology, they source costumes. Each and every part of the week engages the children in what it takes to create and put on a successful show.

Previously, we performed a whole school Primary Production once a year. However, the magnitude of this meant that only the elite had a chance to perform. Play in a Week is an inclusive process that does not just build one particular skill, but a multitude of skills. It is also student led which means the children get more of a say in the final product.

Last year, we performed 3 very successful shows and the feedback from children was none from amazing! It was evident from class teachers that it had a profound impact on the children’s confidence and collaboration and that is why it is back for another year.

We have kicked off the year with an amazing Year 6 performance of ‘The Rocky Monster Show’ and you can see from the images the brilliant fun we have had. Einstein once said ‘Having fun is the best way of learning’ and with Play in a Week, it’s a learning experience like no other!

Gemma Robinson

Teacher of Year 5 and Primary Performing Arts Leader

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