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25 May, 2020

46 BSB Entries for Global Campus Performing Arts Competition!

46 BSB Entries for Global Campus Performing Arts Competition!

Ladies and Gentlemen, BSB students present amazing videos for the Nord Anglia Global Campus Performing Arts competition!

Our BSB students have gone above and beyond expectations – 37 students submitted 46 performances for the Performing Arts competition, and we have entries in all three categories – Music, Drama and Dance. With submissions from Y2 to Y12, with such a variety in creativity and instruments, the only word that comes to mind is “WOW!” Currently their entries are being judged by Juilliard guest artists, and the winners of this worldwide competition will be announced in June. It is a lot of hard work to prepare performances and also requires bravery and confidence to send a video to a judging panel as well as have NAE families from all over the world view their work.

Several students submitted more than one performance, and special recognition goes to Ayisa Yao in Year 7 who has the school record for submitting 4 entries - violin, piano, voice and dance! These students also submitted two entries: Christopher Kicker, Jeina Anada, Elaine Van Der Chijs, Florentina Kicker, Warren Jang, James Thorp and Lina Patuschka. Also of note, Alex Liu and David Chen in Y12 provided original music compositions to Global Campus for the Dance competition. Students had to create choreography to their music, and we had several BSB students who danced to their music – what a special collaboration!

I must extend a personal thank you to all the families who supported their child and worked very hard despite technological challenges to upload and submit the videos. We are very proud of all of our students and want the NAE world to see them too! Please join me in congratulating all of our students who entered this competition, and take some time to watch their videos. Enjoy the show!

Y2: Julia Guzova, Mary Zhao

Y3: Albert Zhang, Bovin Kim, Emma Feng, Vera Kung, Yeonwoo Shin, Zoe Orient

Y4: Action Han, Christopher Kicker, Jeina Anada

Y5: Aiden Li, Annemarie Wenzel, Minchae Kang

Y6: Annali Zhao, Elaine Van Der Chijs, Ethan Tse, Florentina Kicker, Nessya Mireku, Rosa Martinez Chen, Tiger Ma, Warren Jang, Yunseo Jang

Y7: Alaz Erdem, Arihant Bhattacharjee, Audrey Orient, Ayisa Yao, Emilia Thorp, Hannah Patuschka, Junhyeok Jang, Steven Feng, Yvee Hou

Y8: Alyssa Wang, Joseph Hei

Y9: James Thorp

Y10: Lina Patuschka

Y12: Alex Liu


Haley Clark

Director of Performing Arts

Note: We apologise that we cannot include all the 46 students' videos here.  Also, some of the videos are on Youtube.

How to watch more videos? 

Visit the Global Campus Online pages below and login with your Global Campus Username and password.

  1. Music - NAE Young Virtual Musicians, then click on Wind/String, Percussion, Voice or Piano
  2. Dance - NAE Community Dance project 
  3. Drama - The Viral Monologues 

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