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15 June, 2021

The Summer Slide

The Summer Slide

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Is it a song? Is it a dance? Is it a Water Park? No, ‘The Summer Slide’ is a very real and very well-documented educational phenomenon which strikes most children at some point.

"The Summer Slide" is the term given to children's educational gains evaporating during the summer holidays. Some writers have described this in a pretty alarmist way. It's no doubt true that 6 weeks or more of summer holidays without stimulating children's brains is not going to do them any favours when they return to school. That said, having 2 weeks of complete down-time at some point over the course of the summer holidays is invaluable for de-stressing our students (and parents).


Did you know that children who do not read over the summer months can lose up to 3 months of reading achievement? Help prevent the ‘Summer Slide’ by supporting your child with their reading and guiding them to read for at least 20 minutes every day. Children who read every day do better at school across all subjects. Those who also see their parents enjoying reading are likelier to develop good reading habits, so pick up a book today!

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to access the Sora App – our BSB Digital Library. We now have over 1500 titles for EYFS to Year 6, including fiction, non-fiction, audio books and read-alongs. The read-alongs are great for our new readers and younger students as the story is narrated while the words are highlighted, allowing children to follow along. The advantage of BSB’s online library is that you can access it anytime, anywhere! Perfect for while the family is relaxing at home or travelling. Once you have downloaded the book to the app, you do not need to access Wi-Fi to read it.

If your child does nothing else this summer, please do make sure that they read as much as possible with you, to you, to themselves, to a sibling, family pet, favourite toy . . . the possibilities are practically endless! They will reap the benefits of their holiday reading efforts at the start of the new academic year. Motivate children to read by having them take part in our annual Summer Reading Challenge .

Apart from reading, there are many other ways children can keep their brains active and engaged over the holidays. Here are some suggestions to get parents and children started . . .

Click to read the Summer Holiday FUN Home Learning

Clare Cannon

Deputy Head of Primary