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19 November, 2021

Year 10 Mandarin “Poems and the Universe”.

Year 10 Mandarin “Poems and the Universe”.

Please click to read in Chinese. We are proud to share with you the poems of Candy Wei, Jessie Wang and Keira Yu.

The students in Year 10 Mandarin native class have systematically explored and studied the Chinese poetry unit “Poems and the Universe”.

Through extensive reading and exploration, students not only understood the classification of poetry, but also understood the difference between modern poetry and archaic poetry. In this process, students further clarified many literary terms and also narrowed the distance between themselves and poetry. Through the inquiry analysis and comparison of specific poems, they discovered the differences in structure, rhythm, and language of different authors and titles, and understood the artistic effects achieved by these differences.

Y10 Keira Yu poem

In this unit of study, students have demonstrated strong thinking skills and have a very accurate understanding of the text. Through the analysis and summary of the image, the students experienced the "绘画美" of the poem presented by the image, and they also understood that the adjectives give the image vitality. Through studying quatrains and rhymed poems, the students realized the "音乐美" of poetry and understood the importance of rhyme. Comparing the writing structure of different poems, especially Lin Huiyin's "You Are the April Sky in the World", opened the students' horizons. It turns out that the poem also  has "建筑美".

Y10 Jessie Wang poem

During this process, the students all found a theme based on their own lives and feelings, and created poetry. Through this process, students not only apply what they have learned but also strengthen their confidence in learning poetry.

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